Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The boat, the car and a new baby!!!

The boat that was broken, is fixed!! Praise!

The car is broken - a prayer request.

Fortune's wife (Fortune is the principle) delivered a baby on April 4th. They came to Dave at 6:30am to take them in the boat to the hospital. She had been in labor most of the night but it would have been very dangerous to go by boat in the dark. Never know when you might run into a hippo!! She delivered a beautiful baby girl at 11:00am. Praise!!

We have not heard if the water is low enough to travel by car yet and we also do not know about the status of the sand bridge. If the bridge needs repairs (which I would assume it does) then it will take longer to be able to safely navigate into town via car.

We are going to meet the founding church, Mt Zion United Methodist Church (finally after 2 trip cancellations due to snow!) in Maryland this weekend. We have been in constant communication with Lisa McLaughlin, who is the executive director of the board of the Children of Zion Village and feel we are best friends but are very excited to finally meet face to face. The closest we have come is the exchange of photos of each of us making snow angels in our respective snow falls. We are excited to have the opportunity to meet lots of people that have a passion for these children and a heart for missions. They are doing a benefit concert Friday night to help raise funds for the orphanage. We are praying that possibly our story will touch some hearts that will reach out to others to help with our support raising as well.

On Sunday night we will be coming back to a benefit meeting where our own neighborhood is planning a tennis round robin and a concert on May 15th. We hope that you will come out and have a great time. Please share the information with your family and friends and learn more details on our home page ( link to the benefit.

Our house is still on the market with some activity but no offers. We are having our first (of many I am sure) big garage sale the April 30, May 1&2.

We appreciate your prayers and support and are so blessed by each of you!