Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our contanier has ARRIVED!

Well, today our container arrived. It was supposed to come yesterday, but you know, this is Africa.

The truck driver made it down our road and over the bridge (amazing) and then he pulled into our neighbors camp ground because he did not think he could come the rest of the way in. Well, our neighbor was not very excited about the big truck on his bricks. The plan was for us to come with our trailer and off load there. But, since he was not happy, we decided that was not a good idea. So the truck driver (Joshua) decided to come on in. It was great. He made it through and only took out one small tree. Then he made the turn to come to our house and the truck started sinking, and sinking, and sinking…


Well, the front tire was very deep in the mud and the back tires were not helping but they were sinking too. So, they starting digging and putting tree branches and wood planks and anything we could think of to leverage the truck. They even took the container off to lighten the load. Nothing was working.

Sooo… some ventured out to our neighbors knowing that we lived close to the brick making company and that he had good, big machinery.
Well, he came over to look at the situation and of course, “for a price” he would come back with his tractor. The tractor pulled the truck out but it was not the first try.
We saw the wheels of the tractor sinking and it became concerning, but God was present and with us the whole time. The truck was out and we unloading with the help of our strong boys.

Milinga (one of our deaf boys) got instructions to put the container back on the truck. He was thrilled with this opportunity that the driver (Joshua) gave him. Joshua also gave him his South Africa Soccer wrist bracelet. We had the opportunity to share about how God is working in the village and His love for each of us and his protection that he gives and the needs that He provides for.


Although the unloading took longer than it should have and there were many complications, God was present and it gave us an opportunity to share about His love and His faithfulness. We now have new “trucker” friends that we will visit next time we head toward the coast. We know that God will Bless them and protect them as the drive from journey to journey. We are thankful for them and the service and love that they showed here today.

In ALL things GIVE THANKS!!!  Rain, Flood, Truck Drivers, MUD, 59 children, Family, and Friends!!!!!
Praise GOD!!!! 

Friday, January 28, 2011

I don’t think that we introduced you to Wally. Well, Wally is our new Wart Hog friend. No, he does not live with us but we did meet him one time a while back ago and never introduced him so, meet Wally!

One thing that I know that we told you and that is THE RIVER IS RISING!! They say it is twice as high as before. We are beginning flood planning.

We also plan to start making hundreds of sand bags this week. It won’t keep the water out but it will help it not to rush in (depending on how high it really gets!) We are praying for the rains to STOP but if we must leave we pray for a safe and “reasonable” place to go and for safety and good health.

Saturday we had a great day with our children. We only have the pickup truck that can get through the road now so Travis had to make several trips to take 49 of our athletes to the sports complex in town. They had a great day of competition started with devotion given by Travis about Christian athletes and dedication to run the life that God has given you to run. Train hard and give your best at all things that you do so as to do it for the Lord.

They competed against themselves (this time) and it included foot races, long jump, shot put, and discus throw.

We took lunch for them so they had a break and lunch and went back at it. The day concluded because it started to RAIN!!! In the morning it was beautiful and sunny and some of us became sunburn and then the clouds let loose and the wind picked up and everyone got wet and cold. When you ride wet in the back of a pickup, it is even colder.
THEN, the truck got stuck in the road. Lesson learned: do not slow down and stop for cows crossing the road!!!

God sent a man to pull out the truck. Interesting, it is a man we see all the time when walking the road and we always wave and he NEVER waves or smiles or looks. Now, he comes to rescue us from trouble!! PERFECT!!!! Many now have colds and allergies. The colds had already started but the rain and cold did not help the situation. Please be in prayer for the health concerns.

Last Wednesday we had a visit from another government group, The Parliamentary. They interviewed the managers and us, the directors. They toured the facility. They were VERY impressed! They said the place was cleaner than most and they were impressed with the children as they gave a little musical performance. The ladies LOVED the 2 baby girls, Liseli and Nsala. We are excited about these people and pray this will bring us some much needed assistance with the transition of the children and well as further education financial assistance as well as flood planning.

This Wednesday we presented at the governors meeting with a whole room full of council members. We presented the emergency situation of flooding here at the village and we pleaded for help to find safe grounds to move our children and also assistance with things such as tents, sanitation, toilets, water and food. We also picked up 300 bags for sand and will start the work on these immediately. We will need to return for more but this will give us a start.

We took the baby for her routine shots. We told her to tell her sister Nsala that she was going to town. She was worn out after her big town trip but she did great and was very good!


Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. 
1 Thessalonizns 5:16-18

Monday, January 17, 2011

Back at the Village

It has been a busy week in the village. The children are back and school has started. Most were excited about getting started back to school but, of course, not all. We are blessed with a volunteer who is teaching kindergarten. She will make a huge impact on these young lives and we are grateful for her and her willingness to spend 7-12 each morning with 7 young ones. Yes, this can be a challenge but what a blessing. I bet these little ones will remember her forever! I am pretty old and I still remember my kindergarten teacher so I would say she made an impact on my life.

We have had some challenges since the children have returned from their villages but rules are in place and they are “coming around.” We were proud to see the older ones out Saturday morning doing their own laundry and hanging up on the additional clothes lines that were added this week for their use. A couple of them learned that you cannot put the reds with the whites especially if they are new clothes from the USA.

We have been working to get 5 learners ready to go “away” for school. Once they are ready for the 10th grade, we are not registered here to teach that grade so they go and board at schools in the area. We have 3 different schools for 5 children so we have continued our learning process of what they need to do to get in, what they need to bring and when they need to be there. Since there are no lists provided, we have learned “the hard way” I afraid. So, we are making a list so that next time we are more prepared, although each school is a little different. Sunday we will spend quite a bit of time dropping everyone off since this is the “report” day and they will start school on Monday.
Please pray for these learners as they enter into a different environment. We pray they will become friends with the right people, be good Christian leaders, ask God for wisdom in decision making and be successful in their studies.

This week our power was out for almost 24 hours. Well this really wouldn’t be so bad except everything in the freezer starts to defrost and the water began to run across our floor. Then after about 6 hours we discovered that we had NO water because the power supply keeps the water pumping up from the river into the filters. So, no water to drink, to flush, to wash dishes, do laundry, all of the things that we use water for that we take for granted. What to do??
Well, the river is right here and the water keeps rising so let’s get water from the river. Of course, we would not drink it before it was boiled but we could not boil it because we did not have power.

Challenges? They make us stronger and remind us to rely on God because He will provide and He will give us wisdom and He will never leave us. Today, we have power and we enjoying the water and the coffee never tasted better (both because we had hot water and because our friend Patti sent us French Vanilla Creamer -  THE BEST)!

Please pray for the rains all around the area to STOP.  It will be a miracle if we do not have to evacuate with our 59 children as the river is rising right before our eyes!  The road in and out of the village is difficult and will, in time, be impassable. 

We Praise God for all of the Blessings and Challenges that He sends our way! 
We are thankful to be in Africa and for your prayers, support, encouragement and LOVE! 
This is NOT about us.  It is about HIM!

Give God the Glory and Praise!! 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas at COZV, January 9, 2010

Sunday January 9th was the day that we celebrated Christmas here at Zion Village. The children have just returned from visiting their villages and were excited to see each other and have a Christmas party. Now, tomorrow they start back to school and I cannot say they are so excited about that!
Sunday started with a wonderful worship service led by Travis. He reinforced why we celebrate Christmas and the REAL meaning of Christmas. Although we all like to receive gifts, we have already received the Greatest Gift of all and we need to continue to give thanks each day for the gift of our Savior Jesus Christ.

After service the children were instructed to go to their rooms. During this time we moved all of the boxes of gifts from our house to the children’s home and organized them under the tree. We also move in the new furniture and placed it in the main room. THEN, we changed into our RED SUITS!!! OK, we would have never imagined that we would be wearing such an outfit. God has a wonderful sense of humor, most of the time! During this time the braii (barbeque) was cooking and there was good chicken and sausage nearly ready for lunch!


Once we were “ready” the bell was heard and the children rushed to the main room. They sat on the benches after some needed to find their name on a gift under the tree. Some came up to “bother” Santa but since he is a jolly old guy, it was all fun!

We sang some Christmas carols including Joy to the World. Then the names of the children were called, youngest to oldest, and they came to receive their gift. No one was told to “open” or to wait but they tended to wait and then the tearing began! It was Great! They were excited, appreciative and had a great time opening and seeing what gift was given especially for them.



Even new furniture was tried out by each of the children (and staff too!)


Watches!!!???  You mean I have to be on time???!!!  Uggg oh!!!  Uncle Travis, could you set this to the right time for me? 
After gift opening was a wonderful lunch that many were involved in preparing! Chicken, Sausage, rice with sauce and potato salad. Then came the home baked cookies!!!


Thank you to all who played a role in contributing Christmas gift to these wonderful children!!!!!!

You are a gift from GOD and we appreciate YOU!!! May God Bless you for your partnership in this ministry in Namibia to care for these children!