Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sunday walk and HIPPOS!!!

On Sundays we have church service at the children’s home. Travis typically prepares a message and organizes the music  Sometimes Lorna helps the small children to prepare a special song or two.  They enjoy getting “dressed up” (usually in a head wrap, shetangi –traditional skirt wrap for girls/women, and a gold fabric head tie for boys) to perform for the group.  Sometimes we use some simple instruments like shakers but not always.  One Saturday I had them use paper plates and decorate them and put macaroni in them.  then we stapled them together to use for a shaker.  By the next day the children had eaten most of the dry macaroni so we had no shaking noise!!! 

Many times after church Travis and Lorna use this special day to spend more time with the children.  This often includes a walk right after church and before lunch.  Well, this Sunday we walked up the river.  We were not able to walk this way for a while because of the flooding but now the water is low enough that we can get through.  We look up and there are many hippos just sitting in the water.  WOW!  They looked at us but did not seem to interested – luckily!!!  Now, this is a day when I really do feel like I live in AFRICA!!!

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