Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Apostolic Church in Katima Mulilo

WOW!!!  What a HUGE Blessing!!! 

One of our friends (the father of baby Lorna) from the nearby village invited us to the “Big Church” in town.  We agreed that if we would go we will take all of the children.  So, he said that would be fine.  So, early Sunday morning, April 14, 2013 we loaded our large Quantum and the front and back of the bakii (4X4) and headed to town.  There were 8 congregations coming together to celebrate the confirmation of 55 young people.  The District Apostle (DA) was coming from Cape Town to lead the service.  The church is HUGE.  There is even a balcony (which is where we sat).  We guess there were about 2000 people there!  

P1040549    P1040517    P1040518

We have always tended to have church here in the village because of the challenge of transporting so many children.  So, except for walking to a few nearby churches in the villages, we have mostly worshiped here.  Now that so many children are schooling outside of Zion, we can pack them in 2 cars so there are now more opportunities.  During the service there was congregational singing and a message, prayers and the choir sang and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!  Then everyone participated in communion and the young people were confirmed. 

P1040529    P1040530   P1040524

Each one that was confirmed then received a new Bible and Certificate and had a group picture taken. 

                   P1040541                 P1040538

Each day is a gift from God.  Each person is a gift from God.  We thank God for our friends and families all over the world and we know God will Bless you each day.  All good gifts come from HIM and we are thankful!!  Praise GOD from whom ALL Blessings flow!!!! 

                                                     P1040547 (2)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Happy Easter!!!

We had a wonderful Palm Sunday Celebration with the Bible Study on Saturday when the children understood the celebration of Jesus coming into Jerusalem.  We even waved our palms…  yes, the palms of our hands.  They continued to work on the creation of the “Easter board” with making butterflies to add to the flowers.  Next week we add the “He Is Risen Cross”.  Empty because He Lives!!! 


On Saturday afternoon (our typical Bible Study time) we reviewed what had happened during Holy Week.  Why Friday was called Good Friday but it was the saddest day.  What happens three days later??  They all answered and understood.  Were they ready for Easter and what does that mean?  Yes, they were ready!  Yes, they know that Christ died for their sins.  Yes, they know that He loves them and that they are special.  But do they really know?  Do we really know? 

After the lesson we divided into groups.  One group was coloring pages displaying the Easter message.  The other smaller group was coloring Easter eggs.  If you donated Easter egg coloring kits, thank you very much!  Everyone enjoyed!!!  Interestingly, there are NO white eggs here so all the colors were on Brown eggs.  One of the older children (18 yo) said she had never seen a white egg!!!  She did not know they existed!

P1040322    P1040328    P1040297   P1040427

Easter Sunday:     HE IS RISEN!!!!  HE IS RISEN INDEED!!!!


Christ the Lord is Risen today…  Hallelujah!!!! 

What a glorious day at Zion.  We started with a wonderful church service in the big dining hall/multipurpose room/church:)  It was full since most all of the children were home from school for the long Easter weekend.  Some of the local children returned to their relatives in nearby villages.  We like to do a lot of singing to praise our Lord so that was the start to the day. 

P1040363   P1040366   P1040392

Everyone was doing their best to be ready.  Even the 2 year old was getting a hair style:)


The kitchen staff started the day before to prepare a nice Easter meal for all of us!

P1040327        P1040393

We helped 9 of the children to prepare an Easter skit.  The focus was going to the tomb and the tomb is Empty.  Then they see Jesus and know that He is living and has gone to be with the Father.  And because He died, we too will live.  If we only believe, ask forgiveness and for Jesus to come into our hearts and live according to His rules, His plans and always give thanks!!  The small girls were even dancing the thankful Easter dance!  Such JOY!


The delicious food was served and we ate under the new pavilion after the prayer of thanksgiving. 

                     P1040398                  P1040399

After lunch we were blessed to be able to buy and give out chocolate Easter Bunnies to everyone!!!   What a special treat.  Later in the afternoon we took our family walk and enjoyed each other and all of the Blessings of the day that were given by God. 



We are forever grateful for YOU!!!  We are forever grateful to GOD!!! We Are because He IS!  We are Here because HE called us.  You are reading this because He called You!  We are thankful for His calling to us and to YOU!! 

                  P1040404                    P1040406

We thank God for YOU and we thank HIM for His faithfulness and LOVE!!!                 Happy Easter!