Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Star Athletes travel to Windhoek!!!

No surprise that our kids did very well at the national tryouts to be chosen for the select team that would represent the region in Windhoek this past weekend. 

P1170582 P1170596  P1170634

The girls that were selected for soccer were:  Nicky, Della, Anna, Lisedi, Mona and Vivian (daughter to one of our staff).  BAD NEWS here is that Windhoek did not have a girls soccer team to play so our girls were picked and then were not able to goSad smile  They will have other opportunities and we are proud of them for training hard and being selected.  Zion certainly has excellent soccer teams.

For Basketball, Naomi and Mateo were selected and traveled to Windhoek. 

                     P1170542                          P1170568       

For Boys soccer, Goty and Martin were selected. 


                             P1170641                       P1170623

The team of 4 did a great job.  They made it to the second round and they have always been knocked out in the first round in the past.  Martin scored the winning goal for the team!!!  Everyone had a great time and all are home safely.  We praise GOD and give HIM the GLORY FOR ALL THINGS!!!!

GO ZION ATHLETES!!!!!  We are proud of YOU!!!!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Epiphany Team and Jimmy Riggs

I know that we are delayed in our blog but we have had a lot of guests and have been busy and sick some of the time.  So, hopefully we can start to catch you up a bit but if some sounds like a repeat it is because highlights were in the June newsletter. 

Jimmy Riggs served here from June 6 until July 6.  He used to attend Epiphany UMC in Md. so he knew the two pastors that came with the youth team when they arrived on June 22.  They stayed until July 4.  From left to right below:  Tyler, Olivia, Pastor Scott, Noah, Natalie, Josie and Pastor Lisa.   Jimmy Riggs with Josiah in the middle picture.                                  

  P1170495 P1160625 P1170232 

They (including Jimmy) accomplished a lot of hard work while they were here including digging some of the soak away for the Epiphany Transition Home, and clearing around the home and painting most of the outside of the Epiphany home along side of our kids.  They did some manure runs (this was Jimmy’s favorite!), participated in the COZV talent show, and prepared the Sunday worship service and communion. 

 P1170399       DSC_0023   101_0622

P1170441     DSC_0175   DSC_0239

They led the dedication ceremony for the Epiphany home. The dedication was followed by traditional dancing and a delicious braii.

P1170462    P1170486  P1170491

I almost forgot that a big hit for the small children was new pajamas.  Especially since it is winter and the nights are cold! 

100_1224   P1170372 

Praise God for Epiphany UMC, the team and Jimmy Riggs!!!!  We miss you. 

Hope you are reading the blog SmileSmileSmileSmile

Love from Africa!!  Lorna and Travis and Kim and the 59 children and staff and dogs, puppies, cats, snakes, spiders, hippos, crocks…

Sunday, July 3, 2011

June 30th was a sad day at ZION

Auntie Lena spent 6 months at Zion and left a lot of foot prints on everyone’s hearts.  On Thursday June 30th she began her journey back to the US and then she will head on home to Germany.  She will be married to Johannes (another volunteer who spent several weeks here at Zion) on August 13th.

   P1140512    P1140779

Lena was a clown.  She made many laugh.  She taught the kindergarten class while she was here and I am sure those little kids will remember her for what they learned and the good times they had.  She worked in the med room and even taught a first aide class to the staff.  Lena spent a lot of time with the staff and they grew to love and care for her. 

  101_0620           P1170212   P1120305

Lena certainly blessed our lives.  She was flexible and did what ever she was ask to do without any complaint.  She would even thank us for asking her to do any task.  We became “mom and dad” to her and that made us smileSmile  We know her “real parents” and her heavenly Father are proud of her and her service at Children of Zion and service to the Lord.

God willing, maybe she and Johannes will return again some day. 

Thank you Auntie Lena and God Bless you and Johannes in your marriage and new life together! 

Love, Your “African” parents.    P1170224