Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mafuta Preschool joins Zion preschool for learning and fun!

As you have read, Children of Zion supports a local feeding center by taking food each week.  We have also been blessed to be able to help the preschool there with some supplies.  The preschool has grown significantly and last year we invited them to join the Zion preschool for a day.  This year they have been asking and asking when they could come again.  During the flood time it was impossible to transport them but now the road is very dry.  So, we set a date and the planning began.  It started with songs and fun inside. 

P1060267  P1060256    P1060263

Over 50 beautiful faces everywhere!!

P1060260       P1060275      P1060281

P1060283    P1060290    P1060351

After songs and dance and a video about loving others and being kind, we moved to the tables for coloring “Love your neighbors as yourself” and a snack.  Some did not know what an apple was but they really enjoyed them.

              P1060270       P1060310

Then, outside to the river.  Many have not seen the river even though we see it everyday.  When the teacher teaches about the fish and boats in the river they cannot understand, but when they see it then they can really know.  After talking about the river and the fish and God’s creation, we played some games. 

P1060318    P1060324   P1060336

Time to load the 3 cars to return the children.  What an awesome blessing these beautiful lives were!!  Already cannot wait to see them again!

P1060360   P1060363    P1060366   P1060364

Friday, July 12, 2013

Cooking fun!

We started a program where one time a month the children make the menu, shop for the groceries, cook, serve and clean up for the evening meal.  They are divided into groups of four per group so that everyone can participate. 

Last week the menu was chicken burgers, pasta with tomato sauce and mayo and ice cream. 

P1060177    P1060178   P1060195

The cooks this week were Emelia, Efa, Hilda and Marsela.  They did an excellent job and our stomachs were very satisfied. 

P1060199          P1060202         P1060207

Usually Saturday night is family night which includes a movie or games.  We always have a nice time spending this time with the children.  We decided that when we do this cooking night one Saturday a month that the children should prepare a program.  So, the small boys that live in the family style home will prepare and the children that are still in the children’s home will prepare.  This was a blast.  They sang, dances, recited scripture, and even did a couple of small dramas. 

P1060107    P1060210      P1060211

P1060216  Even the smallest of the small got up to dance!   P1060215

Be happy!!  Yes, leap for joy!!  For a great reward awaits you in heaven.  Luke 6:23

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bible Study

Each week we are blessed to do “Bible Study” with the children.  We try to make it fun and interesting by sometimes adding a video, songs and often a simple craft (since supplies are very limited).  At least we can add a coloring sheet that goes along with the message of the study for the day.  Sometimes I try to coordinate with what Travis is talking about on Sunday morning but I cannot always seem to make that happen. 

Last week the topic was about King Solomon and building the temple.   The children were then given the task to build the most beautiful temple for God.  They were also encouraged that what ever they do, they should do it their best and do it for the Lord.  Some of the temples that they made with their teams are pictured below. 



This week we talked about why sometimes people want to or desire to be someone else.  When ask why the children would want to be someone else they said, “Because they have things that I don’t”.  Because they have a talent that I don’t – they are really good a soccer or basketball or dancing.”  “Because they are really smart.”  “Because they are really beautiful.”  We watched a video about 2 children that traded places.  Once they did that they realized that it was not better to try to be someone else.  It was really better to be who they are.  We discussed that God made them special.  God made them/us to be who we are – who He made us to be.  After the discussion they were given the opportunity to make visors and make them special just like they are.

P1060144      P1060146    P1060149

       P1060155            P1060171            P1060170

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.   Jeremiah 1:5

Saturday morning fish

Early on Saturday morning (6am) we left to head to “the other side” of the river where they come in each day with fresh fish.  We have no trouble buying fresh fish in the market but these people that come right in from the river sell it much cheaper than taking it to the market.  People go there and buy it cheap then come back and obviously sell it for a profit in the market.  Even though I am not a fan of getting up so early on a Saturday, we enjoyed the breathtaking beauty of the sunrise in God’s creation. 

             P1060112            P1060119

We waited for a while and became a bit worried because all of the canoes seemed to be going out and we did not see any coming in.  Then, at last, there was a canoe.  He saw us and came our way.  He had many big fish and some small ones as well.  We wanted both sizes but he would only sell the big ones.  He was saying that the small ones “go to the boss.” 

P1060128    P1060137    P1060139

So we bought huge fish.  Ones that we would have paid N$20 - N$25 in the market and we got them for N$10.  So with the good exchange rate right now, that is ONE US dollar per fish that will easily feed 2 people!!!  Needless to say we bought many and came home and cleaned fish for hours.  Some were so fresh they were still flopping around.  They are delicious!!!!  We now have fish that are cleaned waiting in the freezer for the next meal.  

                P1060121               P1060135

WE thank God for the safety, His beauty and providing very affordable and delicious fish!!!!! 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Get Ready, Get Set, GO!!!

On June 22, 2013 we entered our children and ourselves into a road race.  Now, we have to say that we never thought we would be running in a road race in Africa.  We do a lot of “running” but mostly it is chasing children :)  There is a private school near our village.  They were doing a fund raiser.  The couple that was heading up the race (fund raiser) are friends of ours.  So, when we saw them they told us about the event and they offered to sponsor us and our children.  WOW!!!  We are so blessed to be a part of the community. 

So, the training began.  We would go out every afternoon at 4pm and run the sandy road.  The children really got into it.  We feared they would start and then slowly drop out but most of them stayed the course!!! 

Then, race day came.  Up at 5:30am to get to the early registration.  We loaded the car and everyone wore red shirts so we could see each other nicely. 

          P1050868            P1050877

There were 3 different races.  Many of the young ones ran in the 1.5K.   We had a first place girl and a 3rd place boy in their age group!!  Yeah Elisa and Gideon!!! 

P1050904  P1050941  P1050937

In the 18 – 50 category, Rebecca, our volunteer, took second!!  Yeah Rebecca!!!


In the over 50 category, Travis took second and Lorna took FIRST!!!  BUT, Lorna was the only woman running that was over 50, so it was a default, But at least she ran and finished!!!!   Everyone that won got a cash prize.  We plan to have a nice party for all of Zion in the near future. 

               P1050955       P1050956

Another fun part of the day was that it was Maria’s Birthday.  She turned 8 and had a great celebration day!


We were so lucky to have Whistle the Clown attend the race with us:)  She brought lots of laughter and fun for everyone!!!