Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Namibia March 21, 2013

Today (March 21, 2013) Namibia turned 23 years for Independence. 

At the school earlier in the week, the learners had a wonderful celebration of pledges, singing, dancing and speeches.  We gathered outside the small school so everyone could enjoy the fresh air, shade trees and have enough room for dancing and for everyone to be together.  The celebration opened with prayer and a devotion by Travis.  Enjoy below just a few of the many pictures.

P1030791    P1030809    P1030813

P1030840    P1030882    P1030955

Then on the actual Independence Day we also really had a big party and had a BLAST!!!  Everyone helped, even the smallest.  Children were cleaning outside to prepare the party area, the staff were cooking and baking and we were all dancing. 

P1030971    P1030990    P1030991

P1040007    P1040027      P1040003

P1040037           P1030999            P1040048  

P1040042     P1040055    P1040057    P1040064   

Then after giving thanks to our God who provides, our God who loves, our God who forgives, we were invited into a challenge for a fashion show.  So, it was the children vs. the staff/parents.  Wheeoooo…. we were laughing even after our face hurt!!!!  What a show!!!! 

Now, Introducing the Zion Children!!!!

P1040090     P1040087     P1040094    P1040099

P1040115    P1040128     P1040119     P1040127

Now, introducing the staff and parents!!!!

P1040148    P1040143    P1040222

P1040217    P1040226    P1040254

We ended the fashion show but singing Happy Birthday to Namibia and blowing out the 23 candles. 


What a great day of joy, laughter, fun, food and love in AFRICA!!!!!!  Happy Birthday Namibia!!!!!!!   May God continue to Bless this country, this nation and this world.  Thank You Jesus!!!!  Amen!

Monday, March 11, 2013

At Zion Village,We got fashion!!! Come and SEE our show!!

Well, we always have a blast when we have a fashion show at Zion Village!!  It is filled with laughter, love and Blessings!!!!  See the fashion… From the youngest first steps…. to the oldest….  LOVE!!!!!  GOD IS GOOD!!!!

P1030602    P1030610    P1030615

P1030645     P1030631    P1030737

P1030637  P1030708 






Just a “little bit” of LOVE from our village to YOU!!!  Thank you for your prayers, support and LOVE!!!

Blessings from GOD, LOVE from us…..  Travis and Lorna and Zion Village….