Thursday, June 21, 2012

We got FASHION!!!!

We were blessed by God with a couple of ladies that we see on a routine basis where we do some of the shopping for Zion.  They ask if we could use some donations of clothes.  Well, the answer is always, YES! 

So in a couple of weeks there were a few large garbage bags of clothes.  Some were girls, some were boys and some were baby boys :)  PERFECT!!!  God continues to provide.  Some of the girls clothes were not quite appropriate but we decided they would be “dress up” clothes to play with.  So one evening we repacked the bags into girls and boys and off we went to the children’s home.  We helped organize the dressing and the girls even wanted makeup.  They were very serious.  The small boys were a bit silly. 

DSC_0675  DSC_0734   DSC_0701 DSC_0682

DSC_0710   DSC_0723    DSC_2616    DSC_2624 

DSC_2627   DSC_2632   DSC_2635   DSC_2638

DSC_2645    DSC_2651   DSC_2652

So, the girls came from the closed door on the girls hall end and the boys came from their side.  They would strut across the floor to the other side, passing in the middle, and strut back.  It was a Blast!!!!  Cheers arose and it began to be a competition.  Once the “day wear” was finished, we went to “night wear”/pajamas.  More fun!!!

DSC_0726   DSC_0739    DSC_0748    DSC_0752

 DSC_0759    DSC_0761   DSC_2608    DSC_0757

So, next time you come to visit at COZV, be sure you bring some “FASHION!”  You will have a blast! 

We thank God for the donations of clothes and pajamas.  Now, you too can see the smiles that this love brought the children (and us too!)