Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cooking Project, Cooking fun!

Of course when we learn we like it to be fun. No matter how young or how old.  Also, when it is a “hands on project” it allows for more responsibility and feeling of accomplishment when it is over.  When it comes to food, everyone is benefited and those that cook can serve.  And, certainly, God calls us to serve. 

So, one evening at dinner we were asking who wants to be what when they grow up.  Some want to be doctors, some nurses, some teachers, some in the army, some want to cook food in a restaurant and some want to do it all.  Somehow we got on the cooking topic.  So, we ask them if they wanted to come up with their own menu.  YES was the answer. 

  • First step, come up with teams of 4.
  • Create a menu to be approved :)
  • Shop and price check/compare brands and stores.
  • Clean and mix/prepare the food.
  • Dish out the servings on the plates.
  • Serve to the rest of the group. 
  • Clean the pots, pan, plates and kitchen.

I wish we had pictures of the shopping trip because it was the last day of the month (PAY DAY) and EVERYONE comes to shop. The place was so packed with people and everyone was pushing and shoving (maybe like Black Friday in the states and even worse!).  After we were finished I think we needed tee-shirts that said “I survived shopping at Shoprite on the last day of the month”!!!

Saturday afternoon some of the boys and Travis started the fire for the 4 girls that would be cooking.  First cooking group was Emelia, Elisa, Isabella, and Maria.  The girls started to work.  The menu:  hamburgers, fries, plums and birthday cake.  So surprised!!!  An ALL American menu and something that we never have here!!!!  First to wash hands and mix the spices in the mince.

P1050662   P1050663    P1050664

Second step to make the patties and Travis got to stand over the hot fire and smoke.

P1050667    P1050668   P1050670

Third step:  Cut the rolls and get the fries into the oven.  Wash the plums.  Load the plates!

P1050672    P1050677   P1050678

Forth, PRAY, serve the food and ENJOY!!!   It was YUMMY!!!!! 

              P1050683          P1050684

Stay tuned for the next menu and the next group of 4 cooks:) 

Give thanks to the Lord, Call on his name; make known among the nations what he has done.  Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts.  Psalm 105: 1, 2