Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hello and Goodbye…

We came back from training a bit tired but very thankful that we had the opportunity to participate in the training. We feel better prepared but also acknowledge that we still have a ton to learn once we get to Africa. We have made a lot of new friends that will be all around the world. That is a pretty cool feeling. It was exciting to see what God is doing and how many people are responding with a "yes, here I am. I will go." There were people of all ages: those just out of college, those that were just married, those that were expecting a child, those that had many children and those that were older than us. All different people from different places yet all called to carry out the same mission – Go and make disciples of all nations. Exciting!!!

Ok, not sure you have read the book "Father To The Fatherless" by Charles Mulli but it is about a street kid that became successful and gave up everything to start an orphanage. This was because of his calling from the Lord. He has been blessed and blessed many, many children. Well, Lorna had the privilege of having lunch with Charles Mulli and Gideon Robi (the director of the Kenya project) while they were traveling through Atlanta. We feel this was a meeting from God and will bring us a valuable contact while in Africa.

I Kings 19:20 Elisha then left his oxen (work) and ran after Elijah. "Let me kiss my father and mother goodbye," he said, "and then I will come with you."

Now, we are on the road again. This is the fun and not so fun part of the journey. Seeing family and friends that we know and love in other states is fun. Saying goodbye, a goodbye that will need to last for a long time, is not so fun. A friend of ours reminded us that not everyone has the opportunity to say goodbye. Thinking about that made me think that if I die tomorrow, I will have had the opportunity to say goodbye. That is a pretty cool thought. Honestly, it still didn’t make the goodbyes easier but I was very thankful for the
chance to say goodbye.

We spent a week in Pennsylvania visiting Lorna’s family and friends. They arranged a family reunion around us so that was really special and great to be able to see as much of the family as could make it. We did many fun things with Lorna’s mom such as shopping, going for ice cream, visiting Lorna’s father’s grave site, having lunch, and computer lessons so she can learn how to email and Skype.
We spent time with Lorna’s brother’s family and enjoyed attending a cross-country track meet where Blake, her nephew was competing. He did great and we were proud but tried not to embarrass him too much. Kirsten, who is a senior, has picked the college she hopes to attend next
year. She is also a track star but was unable to race due to an injury. Lucas (the youngest and in 7th grade) could do great in track but he is not interested at this time. He however can crush everyone in Wii bowling!!! We also attended the area baseball game and they treated us to good food several times. Travis got them connected with Skype so we are praying we can connect from Africa!
We visited with Lorna’s best friend and her husband. They have been best friends for their whole life and can pick up right where they left off when they are away and then see each other again. She is already collecting "favorites" to be in a care package shipped with love to Africa. We just found out that we cannot get chocolate chips there, so Patti, add them to your list.

Early Sunday morning, the 11th, we left to drive to Maryland to attend service at the founding church, Mt Zion UMC. We had a very warm reception from Pastor Craig and his wife Lisa and the congregation. We were excited to stay with Judy and Rick for the second time. We have a blast with them and they have blessed us so much with their love and friendship.

We are now spending the rest of the week with Travis’s parents.
Look for updated pictures soon (I hope).

Thank you for your love and prayers and financial support!!!
You are our partners in the ministry at the Children of Zion Village where God has called us. We cannot go without you!!! We pray that God will bless your life!