Sunday, August 28, 2011

Support to the Rice Project

We “happened upon” a rice project one day when we ventured to a nearby lodge.  We stopped in to ask about the rice and prices. It started in 2009 and provide jobs for some ladies.  Based on the cheap price of the rice compared to the grocery store and what we pay for the rice for the children, we decided to try it.  So, we bought a 50kg bag to start Smile  The only difference when cooking is that you have to wash it.  Now, when you look at the water, you kind of worry about eating it but you just keep washing it and let it sit for a while in warm water and it is DELICIOUS!!!!!  It is now my favorite thing to have! 

So to share with you, here are some pictures of the wonderful ladies that are sorting the rice.  They are blessed to have this place of employment and we will pray for them and the success of the project.

When you come to visit us in Africa, we will also let you taste the rice and give your own opinion! 


DSC_0873   DSC_0875  DSC_0878  DSC_0877

Saturday, August 27, 2011

HERO’S DAY in the Caprivi Strip

Today we took several of our children to the sports complex for a Hero’s Day Celebration.  It included speeches about being proud of who you are and where you are from and what you can do to STOP HIV AIDS here since it is one of the largest populations.  It included many traditional dance groups which is always fun to watch.  Enjoy just a few of our pictures below.

A few of our children:

DSC_1024  DSC_1030  P1180231


P1180230                    P1180233                     P1180232

The concession stands Smile  Mostly candy, air time for mobile phones and fat cakes! 

P1180239   DSC_1015  P1180242

The dancers:

DSC_1071     DSC_1052      DSC_1101

DSC_1127  DSC_1178  P1180272

The Stadium:

P1180245      P1180276     P1180241

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mudding a traditional African House

When I came to Africa, I kept saying that I was going to help to build a traditional mud hut.  Well, my “dream” has come true and I have participated in all 3 layers.  First, the men go and get thick bush poles that make the frame of the house.  After those are securely in the ground, they get smaller “sticks” that they tie together either with wire or twine.  We tried to get old tires so they could take the wire out and use it but we ended up with twine.  This makes the entire frame of the house.  Zinc is used for the roof (in this case).  Sometimes they use reeds. 

   P1170225      DSC_1051     DSC_1053

Now the ladies (the frames is the job for the men and the mud is the job for the ladies) are ready for the mud.  We start by getting dirt, mix with water, almost like mixing meat loaf (which I hate to do by the way) until it is rather smooth.  You just squish it through your fingers and hope that you do not run into any glass.  You add water until you get the right thick consistency to make a big “dough” ball.  Then you place in in-between the small wooden frame pieces.  My friends from Children’s Healthcare will never believe I had my hands in this!!  Good Occupational Therapy, right?   

P1000506     P1000511     P1000512

Eventually the house looks like this.   Outside, inside.  And your hands and your friends hands look like this!


After this dries a day then we started layer 2.  This is a bit more fun as you can throw the mud on and it is not as thick as the first balls of mud were.  You throw it and smooth it out.  This is called “plastering” the house and it covers up all of the sticks.   


For the last layer, the men bring dirt from the huge termite mounds.  This is also mixed smooth with water.  This is called “washing” the house.  Literally, you wash it all over the house. This termite dirt waterproofs the house!!  Amazing!!  Everything is done by hand. 

  DSC_0273       DSC_0826     DSC_0830  

Now we are ready to have the first lunch in the house Smile After cooking pap and fish and fresh greens from the garden in tin cans over the fire, we sat on the floor and had a great lunch. Plates and silverware? Never!!!

I want to thank my village friends for being great teachers and sharing in laughing and loving.  We really did have a great time!

And the house??  It’s beautiful!!!! 

DSC_0822  P1180156 P1180151 

A special thanks to my new little friend, Rita!

 DSC_0109    P1180160      P1180165

Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.       1 Peter 4:10

God has not forgotten that we have practical needs.  He meet those needs through the service of others. 

More Volunteers and visitors bless Zion!!!

Kim spent 2 months at COZV serving the Lord and blessing us and the children and staff.  She taught the kindergarten and worked in the med room, played with and loved on the babies, helped the kitchen staff and the love of the Lord showed through her everywhere she went and in everything she did!!  She is already planned to come back so we are looking forward to that day.  Thank You Kim!!

    IMG_5162    DSC_0759    IMG_5173 

Rick is a member of the COZV board and he was here to get a better understanding of our school and the government schools in Namibia.  When he was here we were short teachers so he jumped right in and filled an empty spot and was a huge blessing.  Mt Zion also sent Bibles to all that turned 18.  Rich presented them to the children in a special part of the Sunday morning church service. We also visited the local chief and his family.  Since we typically stay with Rick and his wife when we visit Mt Zion in Maryland, it was great to see him and catch up a bit on what is happening in the States.  Thank you Rich for your service and blessing to the staff, children and us! 

   DSC_0814        DSC_0823      P1180146

Jim, our “old” home pastor made a quick visit through and brought goodies and encouragement and blessings.  He had just attended a conference and could not leave without coming by to “check on us.”  It is always great to see pastor Jim and we are thankful that he took the time to come.  He was discouraged because our goodies were in his luggage, which did not make it.  But, thank the Lord, it came into the airport just as he was leaving so we got our packages and are very grateful!!  Thank You Jim!!!


Nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.       Romans 8:39