Monday, May 23, 2011

Josiah turns 3!

Josiah had a big 3 year old birthday on Sunday.  He received a special outfit from my mother (his grandmother Smile).  He looked smart in his tie-dyed shirt and shorts.  Then our really great friend that we met here brought a bag of toys and clothes for Josiah AND for the 2 babies.  She and her husband have been a God send for us and for the children.

So Josiah had a great day:  lots of hugs and kisses, new clothes, toys, shoes and a jacket, a nice walk (sometimes he was carried), and a big piece of birthday cake!!!!  Happy Birthday Josiah!!!  We love you lots!!!!!

           P1150835         P1150872        P1150871  

         P1150851    P1150860   P1150897

School, Sports, Cool weather, the water…

Well, the kids have been back from their holiday and in school for one week.  They are enjoying seeing each other and being back to their comfort in the village.  Friends and food says a lot.  School kicked off on Monday with the addition of 2 new teachers to replace 2 that are no longer here.  The children were dressed in uniform and ready to go.  We opened them with devotions, they said the pledges and sang a few songs including the national anthem.  It was a nice morning and we are proud of the study they are doing and the work that the teachers put into their education. 

      P1150900       P1150902         

Sports day already started and we found out the morning of the sports event.  We still did not have vehicles to come to get all the kids so many started by foot as the vehicles made it back and forth to get them where they were in route.  The girls played net ball (for the first time in competition), boys and girls soccer and were supposed to also play basketball but the other school did not have a team. They also practiced for volley ball but did not compete here this time. We tied in net ball, won girls soccer and lost boys soccer.  Guess the boys should learn from the girls Smile

P1150777  P1150816  P1150782

The weather has turned cool in the evening, night and morning.  The days are pleasant.  I guess we would call this sweater or sweatshirt weather.  The flowers and the sky is just beautiful.  God’s creation is evident everywhere!!!

P1150736        P1150674      P1150741  

AND… the water is going down, down, down!!!!!  The flood is OVER for another year!!!!  Praise, Praise!!!!!!!

The boat can get it’s well deserved rest and it will not take us 8 hours to get groceries – going out in the boat, getting to the car, loading the car, unloading into the boat, parking the car and walking back because the boat is too heavy with groceries!!  8 hours reduced to 4 or 5!!!  BIG!!!!!  The water is not even running over the bridge!!! 

P1150704 P1150684 P1150598

…but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.  Isaiah 40:31

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Healthcare and First Aide Workshop at COZV

Yesterday and today we had a healthcare and first aide workshop to help the staff to better understand care for a child that is injured and also to prevent sickness and injury.  It was led by our volunteer, Lena.  Jonathan was a very good practice patient. Don’t worry, he is really fine!

P1150497                P1150494              P1150511

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thank God for Godly Mothers!!!

We are so thankful today, especially, for our wonderful and Godly mothers!!! 

They are so loving, kind, giving, gentle, funny, supportive and encouraging!  We so appreciate you and love you!!! 

Thank you so much for being who you are and who you raised us to be!!  May God continue to richly bless you and He has blessed us with YOU!!!!

                              P1080823                      P1090041

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!!!!!!!  With love from Africa!!  Lorna and Travis

Nsala turns ONE!

Nsala enjoyed her chocolate cake on Saturday May 7th when she turned ONE!!  Like most other kids, she was apprehensive to dig in but once she got a taste, she was thrilled.  Chocolate everywhere!!  Be careful Nsala as someone might try to snitch a bite!!!

P1150456  P1150457  P1150469

Monday, May 2, 2011

Labor Day in Africa

Today is a national holiday in Africa - Labor DaySo, we decided we needed to do some manual labor! 
Off to the garden we go!!  After many hours and help from the outside staff and 4 older boys and a little help from the smaller boys, we made a ton of progress and we are going to town tomorrow to buy seeds!!  YES!!!  By July and August we will be eating lots of fresh veggies picked right from the garden.
Now, you can see the progress and the helpers:

After we worked most of the day we decided we should have a different kind of fun.  We found 4 OLD pumpkins in the garden so we thought we should use them for bowling balls. 
SOOOO, we got empty coke bottles and the old pumpkins and set up a bowling lane.  FUN!!!

Once the big boys were done, Josiah decided he should give it a try!!