Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bible Study, Crafts and Easter

Each Saturday Lorna has Bible Study with the young children.  Now, everyone is invited and some older ones wonder in and some don’t.  We either tell a Bible Story, review right from wrong, see a short video and discuss the purpose or whatever God brings to mind that week.  Then, the discussion is followed by a related craft. 

Last week we started preparing for Easter.  So, we decided to decorate the bland white bulletin board to Easter color, crosses and eggs.  The children also wrote get well cards and prayed for Sophia who was in the hospital and is now home because of God’s healing power.

P1210292    P1210220    P1210216     P1210219

The Creation of the bulletin board when they were finished. 

               P1210293         P1210295

Also, on Saturday, Travis tries to find a word find, puzzles and brain twisters to get the older ones searching their Bibles and working on results that will help them to prepare for the sermon topic on Sunday morning.  All get involved and it is fun to watch them searching for the answers. 

           P1190642        P1190643

“Let the children come unto me.”  We pray the children continue to soften their hearts and open up to the Love of Christ and let Him work in them and through them so they will be filled with His Love and Joy.  We give God the Glory ahead of time for what He is doing in them, through them and in spite of them.  Thank you JESUS!

Happy Birthday Namibia

On March 21, 2012, we celebrated at Zion the day of Independence for Namibia.  On this day, the country is celebrating 22 years of independence.  Unfortunately, there was not a celebration in town like we experienced the last 2 years but, we had our own celebration at the village.  It started by watching (projecting from the TV) the national coverage of the celebration that was happening about 12 hours away.  During the “air time”, many were busy by the outdoor braii or inside cooking up a storm.  Yummm… we all said when the traditional braii was complete and we all had our hands filled with chicken, pap, potatoes and cabbage.  Never mind a fork and knife here in Africa.  It leaves less dishes to wash. 

DSC_1947  DSC_1950  DSC_1953

We moved the tables out by the river to enjoy the setting of the Zambezi and thank God that we are not flooded!

DSC_1957   DSC_1958  DSC_1959

After lunch, the girls whipped up a big chocolate birthday cake and the celebration continued with singing “Happy Birthday Namibia”.  When the part of “how old are you now” came, they all responded with “she’s 22 years old now”.  The bonus afternoon movie was delayed so all could sing and get a piece of cake. 


We are thankful for the people that served to make this country independent and we are thankful and give God the Glory for the way He has blessed it and continues to bless it.  Thank you God for blessing this nation and it’s leaders and the people in the community and for this village of children and staff at Zion and for all who support this place at such a time as this! 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Village Visit

God continues to bless us with relationships and people.  Saturday, March 17, children and leaders from Omega 1 (a village where some of our children come from and go to visit on holidays) came.  They drove 19 people (mostly children) about 3.5 hours “just” to come and dance and visit our village.  It was AWESOME and the children and the leaders were a blessing to all of our children, staff and US!!!  We “danced” with them and gave them some food and they went on their way.

DSC_2008   DSC_2009

DSC_2016         DSC_2015     DSC_2022

DSC_2053    DSC_2089

We pray for you as you go.  We pray for your health and for your safety.  We pray that GOD would touch you and that you would know HIM as your Savior and that you will be saved. 

Blessings from ZION VILLAGE!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012


We were no sooner back from the quick trip to the states for the Global Impact Celebration at our home church and we received a call to come to court to receive new twins.  WOW!!!  Well, are they girls or boys?   How old??  For how long will we have them???  All kind of questions…  Some answers.

Come to the court on Monday 13 Feb to receive twin boys.  They were born early on 8 January and weighed about 1.6kg at birth so they have been at the hospital for one month.  They are now at 2.4 and 2.5kg and ready for discharge.  They will be placed with us “temporarily”.  Not sure if that means a year, 5 years… but we said “yes”!

     P1210165       P1210164       P1210168


Well, now they have been here for a week and we needed to take them for a recheck and shots.  They both now weigh 3kg!!!  They are doing great and they become more and more cute!!!  Yes, they are boys, even in pink!

P1210188      P1210182     P1210184

We love you boys!!!   God, please protect and keep these boys healthy and help everyone that touches them to raise them with YOUR love so that they may grow and love YOU!!!!  AMEN!

DSC_2083      DSC_2077     DSC_2076