Sunday, November 17, 2013

End of COZV Mission School Awards Celebration

The school year is coming to an end at Zion Mission Primary School.  A lot of practice, preparation and hard work was experienced to reach this time.  School actually closes the end of November but the awards celebration was held on Friday 15 November.  Many invitations to the dignitaries and community went out.  Many hours of practice on dance, song and performance were coming to a close.  Early Friday morning we loaded the vehicles with the children from Zion.  The others were to meet us at the Shell station to march through town. 

              P1090198              P1090200

Some adults were unloaded at the hall to set up and prepare the head table.  Now, for the waiting.  Waiting for traffic control to lead us in safety through town.  So, what do you do while you wait?  You take pictures!

     P1090207     P1090219

Finally, we were off.  Marching with the beautiful blue banner that Judy Lenehan from Mt Zion UMC made for us.  The route took us through the streets of Katima singing with the drum beat the entire way.  It was quite a distance so the smallest ones got a lift in the car.  Smiles from people along the route and hooks from people in cars.  It was a sea of red shirts singing Glory to God.  “We are marching in the light of God.  We are marching in the light of God.” 


We were greeted by parents at the hall.  The children quickly got water after a long, hot march and the program began with the national anthem. Two of the older children that come from town to school at Zion were the Masters of Ceremonies.


  The children all did a wonderful job performing.  From the youngest (age 3) to the oldest. 

    P1090315    P1090343

There were guest speakers: The governor, yes, the governor, one of the chiefs/Induna from a nearby tribe, the School Administrator (Travis Curry) and the Principle. 

P1090288     P1090355      P1090275

The focus of the speech from Travis was the theme for the school this year: 

Stay the Course.  (this is an abbreviated version)

Everyone should understand the importance of correct preparation for life, so that they may be prepared to the purposes that GOD as set for our lives.

Hebrews 12:1 reminds us that as God’s people, we are running a race on this earth and that we should run with patience, keeping the finish line in mind. So how can we practically prepare for the race that we are engaged in? Here is a brief review of 4 steps of preparation for race of life.

Step 1 – Prepare with victory in mind.

Step 2 – Have a heart after God. In life you need to have the heart of David.

Step 3 – Have the courage of you conviction. A conviction is different to a preference.

Step 4 - Character to withstand temptation. Life is not fair, but God is always there.

So as you run with patience the race that is set before you, equip yourself with the heart of David, the courage of Daniel and the character of Joseph. Put on the whole amour of God and run with the full expectation that you will win. Know that God, your God, is with you every step of the race.  There will be many goals but God is the ultimate  goal with the ultimate prize. 

Lorna had the privilege of handing out certificates, prizes and hugs to the students.  Also, a great presentation of song and dance ended in a human pyramid that was terrific. 

               P1090373               P1090312

The celebration continued with fun and food at Zion in the afternoon.  We give God the Glory for such a wonderful day/year.  Also, a special thank you to the teachers that work with these children each day, the parents that show support and encouragement, the staff at Zion that prepared the children early in the morning and also the delicious lunch, and the volunteers that were helping each step of the way.  Rebecca Westbrooks taught the children many dances and encouraged them in the fantastic pyramid.  Thank you for your prayers and support or something such as this could never happen.  THANK YOU ALL!!!!