Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Second Day of Christmas

We had a wonderful church service with God speaking through Travis on the Good Shepherd and how following and listening to the shepherd ties in with the birth and Christ and the Christmas day we just celebrated. After the service the “big boys” went on a long walk so the little boy, Josiah, was not happy so we went on a short walk with him and the youngest, newest baby Liseli. It gave our two staff a quiet opportunity (since Nsala was sleeping) to clean and prepare lunch for the children and gave us a nice opportunity to continue to bond with them.

 We had a thunderstorm in the afternoon. It was loud with lots of lightning and thunder and just some rain. We are thankful when it rains (and not too much to flood the road) during the day instead of during the night. We used to like rain at night but then we are unable to hear sounds that might alert us to people breaking into the house. So, rain in the day and evening and day is best. We continue to work on electrical issues to help light up the property and that may help to keep us safe. We continue to ask you for prayers of protection and peace at night so that we can rest and know that God will keep us and the property safe and quiet.

We also took the children on the first boat ride of the season. We expect there will be several more since the river is high for this time of year and we are told that we WILL be flooded come March. Please pray that the river remains under flood stage for us as we become surrounded by it and become an island. The “sand bridge” we have to cross when we leave each day is the first to go usually. Just watch out for the HIPPOS!!!


There are many new photo albums in our photo gallery on our web site now. We were behind because our web site person had a baby so Congratulations to David and Stacey on their second son, Colin!!! Stacey is great and now has our updates posted so please catch up and enjoy!!!



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