Thursday, March 10, 2011

Projects underway and Sports competition excitement!

Our two volunteers are here and they are busy!! What a blessing they are and what hard work they are doing. They are working on building a traditional cooking area and a traditional washing area. The cook area will have a place for 2 fire pits and a roof. The braai for the meat is already there so they are adding on for the fire pits for cooking “pap” or “mealie” in a large cook pot over the flame.

After the walkway concrete was poured all the children were given the opportunity to initial the edge. They continue to look to see and show where their initials are.

The wash area will be concrete where they can scrub and wash their clothes by hand (they way they do in the villages). We hope to use this area this weekend and allow the kids to cook the adults a traditional African meal.

The water tank was leaking a lot of water and purchasing a new one was not something we could add to the budget so the staff and our volunteers took down the water tank. They taped the leak and worked and worked and finally (after the rope broke and the tank fell 2 times) they were able to return it to the high platform where it sits. So, instead of losing a gallon of water an hour, we might be losing a gallon of water a day!! BIG IMPROVEMENT!!!

Some of the children participated in a sports event on Monday. They competed against other children from other schools and in their age group. They performed hard and we are very proud of them. The ones that received first place will all compete on Saturday at Regional’s. Some of the second place winners may also get to compete. Congratulations to ALL and Good Luck on Saturday!!!

The results:

Kado: 100 meter dash First place                          

Long Jump Second place

Lisedi 100 meter dash First place

Vivian: 200 meter Second place
Nawa: 200 meter Second place

Gotty: 100 meter dash First place                  

Long Jump First place

Kjolo: 100 meter dash Second place

200 meter run: Second Place

Della: Discus Second Place

Albert: Discus Second Place                                                            

Sosta: 100 meter dash Third Place

Saturday fun time: We will have our first of many Talent shows on Saturday evening after we return from the Regional competition. Here is a preview of just one of the performances to come. Stay tuned for more pictures and the outcome of the show!

     Praise God from whom ALL Blessings Flow!!!
The water is going DOWN!!!!  PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!  Thank you for your prayers!!  We hear the "flood is over" AND we hear "the flood is coming the end of March"  Only God knows!!!  We will continue to Trust and Obey for there is NO other way!!                                                                              

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