Monday, May 2, 2011

Labor Day in Africa

Today is a national holiday in Africa - Labor DaySo, we decided we needed to do some manual labor! 
Off to the garden we go!!  After many hours and help from the outside staff and 4 older boys and a little help from the smaller boys, we made a ton of progress and we are going to town tomorrow to buy seeds!!  YES!!!  By July and August we will be eating lots of fresh veggies picked right from the garden.
Now, you can see the progress and the helpers:

After we worked most of the day we decided we should have a different kind of fun.  We found 4 OLD pumpkins in the garden so we thought we should use them for bowling balls. 
SOOOO, we got empty coke bottles and the old pumpkins and set up a bowling lane.  FUN!!!

Once the big boys were done, Josiah decided he should give it a try!!

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  1. Pumpkin bowling and gardening, what more could you want? :)