Wednesday, June 22, 2011

COZV Race Around the World

A HUGE THANK YOU to Courtney West for organizing the COZV Race Around the World that was held Saturday June 18th.  Also a HUGE THANK YOU to ALL who helped, participated and donated/pledged toward one of our kids.  Thank you to all of the racers around the world that supported us here in Africa!

The race started here in Namibia.  We were again blessed with friends that provided a HUGE TRUCK to take ALL of our children to the sports stadium!!  They actually needed a ladder to get into the truck.  WOW!!  That was so awesome and such a blessing not to have to take many, many trips to and from the stadium to get all of our kids and staff and volunteers there.  THANK YOU MARIANNE AND MICHAEL!!!  The babies and some of the staff went in the car with us. 

                P1160601           P1160608 

Once we got to the sports stadium we lined up for the start of the race.  We were walking/running a LONG track.  The track here is longer than the typical US 1/4 mile track.  It is about 400 meters so our kids really went longer than what you might calculate when you count laps.  We did have a small candy incentive for each lap Smile 

P1160633 P1160636 P1160634

Some ran, some walked, some were carried.  We took music and turned it up loud!  Everyone had a great time. 

P1160650  P1160679  P1160684

P1160694  P1160869  P1160761

After the big race/run/walk/carry, we came back to the village for a traditional braii and traditional dancing.  It was a great day and we really appreciate all of you that participated in any way!!  Thank you always for your prayers financial support.  The kids are here because YOU CARE!!  God is so Good and we give HIM all of the praise and Thanks!!!

 P1160939  P1160955  P1160984

When the connection is good to us, we will be loading more pictures on our website photo gallery section.  There are a ton of great pictures that we hope that you enjoy!  Blessings and Love from Africa!

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