Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Star Athletes travel to Windhoek!!!

No surprise that our kids did very well at the national tryouts to be chosen for the select team that would represent the region in Windhoek this past weekend. 

P1170582 P1170596  P1170634

The girls that were selected for soccer were:  Nicky, Della, Anna, Lisedi, Mona and Vivian (daughter to one of our staff).  BAD NEWS here is that Windhoek did not have a girls soccer team to play so our girls were picked and then were not able to goSad smile  They will have other opportunities and we are proud of them for training hard and being selected.  Zion certainly has excellent soccer teams.

For Basketball, Naomi and Mateo were selected and traveled to Windhoek. 

                     P1170542                          P1170568       

For Boys soccer, Goty and Martin were selected. 


                             P1170641                       P1170623

The team of 4 did a great job.  They made it to the second round and they have always been knocked out in the first round in the past.  Martin scored the winning goal for the team!!!  Everyone had a great time and all are home safely.  We praise GOD and give HIM the GLORY FOR ALL THINGS!!!!

GO ZION ATHLETES!!!!!  We are proud of YOU!!!!!!

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