Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter from Namibia Africa!

HE is Risen!!! HE is Risen indeed!!

We had a wonderful Easter Celebration at Children of Zion Village.  We started with a spirit filled service of songs, a skit and sermon delivered by Travis.  The skit included Mary (mother of Jesus), Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Peter, John, Angel and Jesus.  They were at the tomb on Easter morning and the grave was empty!  HE IS RISEN!!

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After service a nice braii was prepared with the traditional chicken, pap, soup, potatoes and cabbage.   

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We moved the tables out by the river and had a celebration meal together: Children, staff, volunteers and us.  When the meal was ready, Liseli rang the bell (with some help) for everyone to come.

DSC_2113    DSC_2114  DSC_2124

After lunch the girls were wondering: “Hmmm, so is that the Easter Bunny in that boat?”  So, we passed out some marshmallow Easter Eggs.  Ymmm….  Smiles were everywhere. 

DSC_2002  DSC_2000   DSC_2100  DSC_2064

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WOW!  There is a lot of pink!!!  It was not even planned!!

DSC_2090   DSC_2095    DSC_2125

Hungry!  Let’s Eat!!! 

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We serve a Risen Savior!!! HE is in OUR world today!!!  Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!! 

It is ONLY Because of HIM!!  Love from us, Blessings from HIM!!!  

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