Sunday, December 23, 2012

Children of Zion Mission School End of year celebration 2012

On Friday Dec 7th we had a wonderful end of school celebration in town with the children, the officials, the parents of the local children that attend the school and staff.  Our school has grown in many ways over the last year.  Now, about half of the children attending the school come from town.  The other over half are the ones we live with here in the village.  It is only a primary school so the children attend here through grade 7 then they go out to government schools starting in grade 8-12. 

For the first time, we had the children parade starting in the middle of town at the open market to the town hall for the celebration.  We started the transport about 6:30am.  Getting the children all to where they need to be is always a big challenge with our limited transportation for so many.  The same day, the children that are attending government school had to go to pick up school reports.  So, we quickly got the small ones to town and hired a driver to take the older ones to the schools while we attended the celebration. 

The parade finally began once the police and traffic control officials arrived.  The children looked smart in their red and blue and they were even sporting new shoes!  The little ones needed a bit of help to keep up:) 


A few of the children served as ushers and 2 as the masters of ceremonies.  We opened with prayer, the national anthem and the pledges. There were several performances and dances by the children, both younger and older.  Many scriptures were memorized and spoken on stage.  They were awesome. 



Many important people delivered a speech with words of encouragement and words of wisdom and wonderful acceptance messages!  These people included the Induna from the Traditional Authority, the chairperson for the school management board (who is a principle at another school), our principle, one of the administrators for the school (Travis), the Councillor for Kabbe Constituency and Chairperson of the Caprivi Regional Council and one of our very own that has finished grade 11 with very high grades and is looking forward to grade 12. 



The day was a blast (thank God it did not even rain!!!) and we were all very blessed!!!  Thank you for your prayers and support.  God was totally in the day and in the children and in those that attended!!!  It was a day to celebrate children and success and give God the glory.  He reigns!!!


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