Monday, March 11, 2013

COZV – The rain, the river and flooding.

The rainy season should be over but it is still impacting us in the village and the surrounding villages.  This article was in the paper a month ago (Feb 2013) and the situation got better but is now getting worse again.  They say that there are 2 waves to the flood and we are now experiencing the “second wave.” March 2013

“Katima Mulilo — The 14 500 inhabitants of the flood-hit Kabbe Constituency in the Caprivi Region have been told to relocate to higher ground, especially those owning livestock, before more serious flooding occurs.
Crop fields are already submerged and the regional governor Lawrence Sampofu is deeply concerned
about this year's harvest in the area. "Many fields are already submerged, and the river continues to rise. By next week we will relocate about four schools, clinics and some villagers to higher ground," he said. Poor harvests are expected in flood-prone areas along the Zambezi River.
"People must remember that we can only transport human beings on the boats, therefore they must act now and get their animals to higher ground. They must act now before the area is completely surrounded by water," Mbala warned.”

When it rains, the town also fills up with mud and water and walking is a challenge and driving is always a challenge. 

  P1000955     P1020160     P1020161

You know that we working with some of the parents in the community (those that have children attending Zion Mission School) to make and place sand bags in the road to try to keep it passable for parents to bring their children to school. 

  P1020645   P1020663   P1020674

Then there is walking to town to where the vehicle is parked and getting the groceries for the village and taking the boat back to Zion. Or transporting children in the boat. 

P1020703    P1030422    P1020359

Sometimes, wearing the fashionable mud boots is just so practical to sink into the mud. 

                           P1010966                   P1020318

The children like to venture through the water to come from the children’s home to our house.  We, on the other hand currently have a dry option that we choose:)

                          P1030477                    P1030481

When going to check the road, the dog was not willing to check it out but Travis still ventured out to see how high the water was. 

                      P1030515         P1030521 

And then we also ask, “how high is the water on the bridge.”  It is a daily and sometimes hourly check to make sure the bridge is still “in tact.”  The water is coming, but we can still cross.  Praise God!!!

            P1030489         P1030768

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