Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Apostolic Church in Katima Mulilo

WOW!!!  What a HUGE Blessing!!! 

One of our friends (the father of baby Lorna) from the nearby village invited us to the “Big Church” in town.  We agreed that if we would go we will take all of the children.  So, he said that would be fine.  So, early Sunday morning, April 14, 2013 we loaded our large Quantum and the front and back of the bakii (4X4) and headed to town.  There were 8 congregations coming together to celebrate the confirmation of 55 young people.  The District Apostle (DA) was coming from Cape Town to lead the service.  The church is HUGE.  There is even a balcony (which is where we sat).  We guess there were about 2000 people there!  

P1040549    P1040517    P1040518

We have always tended to have church here in the village because of the challenge of transporting so many children.  So, except for walking to a few nearby churches in the villages, we have mostly worshiped here.  Now that so many children are schooling outside of Zion, we can pack them in 2 cars so there are now more opportunities.  During the service there was congregational singing and a message, prayers and the choir sang and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!  Then everyone participated in communion and the young people were confirmed. 

P1040529    P1040530   P1040524

Each one that was confirmed then received a new Bible and Certificate and had a group picture taken. 

                   P1040541                 P1040538

Each day is a gift from God.  Each person is a gift from God.  We thank God for our friends and families all over the world and we know God will Bless you each day.  All good gifts come from HIM and we are thankful!!  Praise GOD from whom ALL Blessings flow!!!! 

                                                     P1040547 (2)

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