Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Lorna

I am very blessed to be celebrating my birthday for the third year in a row in Namibia!  I was very blessed with many joyous celebrations. 

It started a couple of days before my birthday when the inside staff called me to come.  I did not have any idea of what was going on.  But they made me sit and then they all came and circled around me singing in their language.  Then they blessed me and sang Happy Birthday and gave me a heavy box with strict instructions not to open it until 19 Oct. 

On Saturday, Oct 19, I had coffee and a wonderful morning with my most wonderful husband and friend.  He got me a new shatangi (the type of traditional skirt they wear here) with beautiful bright butterflies.  I was excited to open the box from the staff.  It was a whole set of dishes with beautiful lime green and brown and cream.  It really means a lot to me especially when I know that the people here do not have extra money and that they would spend it on me to make my day special.

Our 2 volunteers, Rebecca and Amanda came with really sweet cards, a coupon book for massages and hair “styling” and a new dress.  On Saturday I always do “Bible Study” for our children and many of the village kids also come.  During the prayer time, all the children were handed either flowers or a branch of greens.  After the prayer I was presented with a gift from the Ebners.  The gift was a vase made here locally.  Then all of the children lined up to give me the branches for the vase along with a sweet hug.  Then they sang Happy Birthday.  Lena helped a few of the girls to make pancakes in a press that tasted really yummy!! 

              20131019_153637      20131019_153655


The celebration did not stop.  That evening, the girls baked chocolate cupcakes.  So I got to make my BIG wish and blow out one candle.  It was very nice and I enjoyed the cake along with the rest of the children and volunteers.  The funniest part was when they sing “how old are you now?  How old are you now?”   Uggg…. do I really have to answer.  So I sang back, “I am blank years old now, I am blank years old now.”   I received many personal, homemade, sweet birthday cards from the children that I will read again and again.  Sweet memories from children I have grown to know and love. 


On Sunday we took the children to the local church in the village.  It was quite a long walk but everyone managed.  There was only one part that is still water but someone had made a nice “bridge” that allowed us to cross with no problem getting wet. 

          P1080600               P1080603

One of our staff is one of the pastors there.  He had all the October people stand up.  So, yet again, I got enjoy that Happy Birthday song.  Thank goodness they did NOT sing “how old are you now?”!!!!!!! 

             P1080604                    P1080611

God continues to teach me many things and in spite of my age, I continue to learn:)  Maybe I am slower than I used to be but I keep trying.  I am so thankful for my family in the states and here in Africa.  I am surrounded by God’s love and His Blessings are more than I could even count.  

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