Monday, April 14, 2014

Holiday from School, Visit to the village

Two times a year the children have a month long holiday from school.  Usually it is over Easter and over Christmas.  So, it is an opportunity for them to reconnect with any family that they have in villages around the Caprivi area.  Some live very close, 30 minutes, and some live very far, 4 plus hours.  So we transport the close ones (the locals) first and the next day we take the rest.  That day of travel can take 8-9 hours because of the stopping and sometimes the rain or the road or the police stops along the way. 

But before they go, everyone must wash their clothes and blankets and clean their rooms. 

P1120390      P1120383     P1120392

We have a lot of break downs with our cars.  Not long ago we only had one out of three cars working.  Now we have two but they are the two smaller cars and the bus (12 seater) has been in the shop for over a month.  So, when it comes to transporting many children, we can only rely on God.  We had 17 children to transport for the long distance.  We have been blessed with some very good friends here in Namibia.  They have helped us and Zion in many ways.  This time it was to lend us their open bakkie so we could proceed with the transport.  Since it was raining, we tied a tarp over the back and put all the luggage there as well as a single bed mattress for children to sit/lay on.  Off we went. 

P1120396    P1120399   P1120397

It is sometimes difficult to see our children walk off into a village especially if they are not with another child from Zion.  We trust God that they know right from wrong and they will be strong to make good decisions and that their family and friends will welcome them and treat them nicely. 

                    P1120401            P1120398

I hope they know that we are all praying for them: for their safety, their health, their attitudes and right decisions.  We trust that God will keep watch over them until we see them next month. 

                        P1110534                        P1110532  

Well, here at Zion, the small ones will play together.  We will all have fun and await the return of the older children who are missed.

P1120082      P1110516     P1110413

                                Come near to God and He will come near to you.  James 4:8

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