Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Holiday for the children

There were 8 children that remained here at Zion for the holiday month because they are either very young babies or 3 older ones that did not have a place to go. It was a time that we could spend one on one with them and with the little ones, they came every day to our house to watch a video, play with toys, have a tea party or go to the playground.

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While children are on holiday we found a special person to look after the little ones and we had a 2 day
Spiritual retreat for staff. During this awesome time we pray together, some give testimonies, we have speakers and team building activities.  The theme for December was LIGHT.  At this time we also celebrate our staff with special breakfast and lunch and gifts.  We also baked about 600 Christmas cookies in my small oven sine the one in the children’s home is not working. 

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As 2014 ends, may God be your hiding place; may He protect you from trouble, and may He incline your spiritual ears to listen carefully while He surrounds you with joyful songs of deliverance.  May the Lord break each evil bond that enslaves you and shine His healing light on your face.  AMEN!

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