Friday, December 4, 2015

Graduation of preschool and Christmas Blessings at Mafuta!

Each year we have the blessing of giving to Mafuta where orphans come to eat.  So, Zion is blessed to be able to provide food.  Maybe the only meal of the day for these children. 

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Also each year we provide food for an extra special Christmas celebration.  Most often they eat the traditional pap and fish.  But for the holiday they had chicken, rice, potatoes, and gravy which is very special for them.  We were thankful for the weather.  One year it poured rain and we had to walk through a stream of water to get to the food…  This year it was cloudy but it did not rain.

It started with the graduation of the preschool program.

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We progressed with the reading and translation of the Christmas story.  Opened and closed in prayer. 

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Then they lined up for their gift of shoes from Newberry United Methodist Church in Williamsport Pennsylvania (where Lorna grew up).  I think we did not pray enough because every year we have exactly what we need.  This year we were 5 short but God will provide for this.  Those 5 will not be left.  We are so thankful to God for you and for all who help out even if a pack of socks or new underwear.  Everything is needed and nothing is left and it is always appreciated.  We have several more villages to help this season.  We have also been blessed with pillowcase dresses that will be distributed to villages for Christmas. 

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From feet with no shoes to too small shoes or broken shoes to feet with nice shoes!!!  Thank you God for providing for needs!

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They proceeded to pray for their gift of food.  We then presented the staff with a Christmas “bucket” full of food.  They work hard and show up every day to cook for these children and need to be appreciated.  This is just a small gift.  If you are in a team that is coming you can also appreciate the staff at Mafuta with a small gift or foot massage or lotion…  They will love it!!!  And God will bless you!!! 

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