Friday, January 8, 2016

House in Town


We continue to listen to God’s direction for the way forward for Zion.  This year we decided to rent a house in town for the youngest girls transitioning from living at Zion to going out to secondary school (grade 8).  In the past, the children have lived in the hostel.  In the past the children have been older going out because they started school later.  Now the children going from Zion Mission Primary School to Secondary School are younger.  So, in order to try to provide more supervision and have a house mother availabe to advise the children, we rented a house in town for 4 girls to live with a house mother.  They commute back and forth to the school. 

P1150344 (640x480)   P1150345 (640x471)    P1150358 (640x465)

                        P1150361 (640x480)                  P1150366 (640x480)

                                                         P1150587 (640x465)         

Getting ready for school.     WE thank God for our education, our house mother, our friends, your prayers and support!!!!          

     P1150595 (640x478)

Please pray with us that these children are lights for Christ in their villages and at school and in the community.

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