Thursday, March 17, 2016

Sports competition at the “stadium”

Zion Mission School has been working hard on the events for track and field to have a friendly competition.

Zion won everything and the final score was Zion 261 ZPS 205!!!!!  GO ZION ATHELETES!!!!!   

It started with clouds and rain.  But it ended with sun and HOT!  Really the clouds and rain were better even though it did not seem so at the time.  We took the big and the small!  All had fun and all were very tired at the end of the day.

                         P1150981 (478x640)                 P1150983 (640x474)

Foot races were first…

  P1160008 (640x469)    P1160022 (640x473)    P1160034 (640x480)

Long jump….

            P1160053 (640x454)           P1160062 (640x480)

High jump…

              P1160058 (640x479)          P1160091 (640x472)

Just cute…

P1160038 (640x470)            P1160037 (467x640)          P1160074 (475x640)

Let’s CHEER!!!!!

                                 P1160001 (480x640)               P1160084 (640x476)

Here we go Zion!!  Here we go!!  Here we go Zion!!  Here we go !!

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