Saturday, February 20, 2010

Children Of Zion Village Update from Ray

Temps are now in the mid 80s every day which is nice. Much more pleasant for sleeping at night.

The river is rising about 6 inches a day, which is making some people nervous. But our boat is now running so if we run into trouble we at least have the boat to go get supplies.

This afternoon we will meet with the supervisors and volunteers to go over Transition Home plans. We will have some of these planning meetings while you are here so you can get the feel of how the staff works and how issues are worked out.

Our TAG volunteer is coming in a few minutes to work one day a week here at COZV. She is a young Canadian woman who is a physical therapist and she wants to work with our children. We will start her off with walks and reading for the little ones and then we'll see where it goes from there. Her tour is for 8 weeks and she will be working 4 days a week at the local hospital and 1 day a week here at COZV.

Please pray for the children, the staff, the volunteers and that the river would reside so they do not have to evacuate.

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