Friday, February 26, 2010

Ready, Set, Go!!!

Well, we have been called by God to go to Namibia and make disciples as we go.
We are packed and will be taking off in the morning. We fly to Dulles from Atlanta at 12:47pm. From there we get on South African Airways to Johannesburg. This is an exciting 17 hour flight (well, we really hope that it is NOT exciting). We stay overnight in Johannesburg then make our final flight into Livingstone, Zambia on Monday morning. Once there, we have a 3 hour drive to see our kids!
We are so excited and we know that the kids have been praying for us and we are so thankful for them and the staff and volunteers that have been an outpouring of God's Love.

Please pray for our safe travels and please continue to pray for the rising river situation and for the health and safety of our kids and the staff and volunteers.
We pray will continue to pray for you as you follow our journey with the Lord.

Oh, by the way. This is a 2 week stay and we will be returning on March 13th.

The February newsletter is out and will be posted on our website. Check it out!

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