Monday, February 21, 2011

We are back after a needed break to Kasane!!!

We just spent a wonderful, relaxing few days in Botswana!


 We played our first tennis in Africa on Friday and Saturday!!!


We went on 2 safari’s – one boat, one jeep and we saw loads of animals including hundreds of elephants, hippos, antelopes, fish eagles, wart hogs, and many more!! God’s creation – AWESOME!!!



Don’t worry, if you support us, we do NOT expense our time away. That is under our own, personal budget. Thank you for your ongoing support so we can be with the children and minister and share the gospel of Jesus Christ to the children AND the people that we meet along the way!

YOU are awesome and we thank GOD for YOU each Day!

For more pictures, visit our photo gallery on our website:


  1. does this happen to be the safari we took a minor illegal excursion to last year? :-P

  2. o, whoops, wrong country, would help if i could read. i blame pt school ;-)