Monday, February 14, 2011

Vote for our evacuation location!!!!

The Waters are rising FAST!!!  We have done some research and we are ready to have some fun with a not so fun situation - evacuation with 59 children to safe, dry land. 
So, below are 6 sites that we have visited and we would like you to vote in the comments section of the blog. 
We might as well have a good time and smile and laugh!  We know that God will provide for our needs each and every day and we know that he will protect us and keep us safe!!!  

Option one - a field that is fenced:

Option two:  An established neighborhood where we would have to camp in the field:


Option three:  another field, no fence.
Option four: a small building, lots of achohol bottles around the building. Fenced. Another camping option.

Option five:  an open hall with a "courtyard" around it for camping.

Option six:  A one hundren year old barn that we would have to help rennovate.  It still smells like the pigs and chickens that lived there. 

Cast your vote in the comments section!!  We will keep you posted on the outcome!!  Thanks!

 I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. (Philippians 4:13)


  1. I vote for #5 - at least you would have a cover in the rain.
    I would say #6 if it weren't for the smell.

    Praying for you all - especially for no evacuation at all.
    June Townsend

  2. Hmm, I say 5 b/c covered and fenced in or 6 b/c it will give the kids something to do and both look less likely to be snake/wet ground infested than 1-4. Love the idea of a fun vote!! :-) Good luck! Prayin for you guys!!

  3. Option 4 provides the opportunity for a "fraternity row" feel. Or, you could enforce BecInNam's rule - no breakfast until all the beer bottles are out of the yard.

  4. Option 5 sounds the best. It sounds like it may be covered and probably safer than being out in the open.

  5. I vote for #5 - it's covered and wouldn't require a lot of work to get it ready. Your buddy is praying for you!!

  6. I'm thinking #5 would be the most tempting...although I'm continuing to pray for NO evacuation...especially w/o Travis! Love from your buddie!

  7. Well....the way I see have a choice of a field...or a field....or a field....or a field of dreams (the kind you have when you are in an alcoholic stupor)...or a field with a floor (and an extra benefit of a royal courtyard)...or a covered "field" for pigs and chickens, minus the pigs and chickens. I'm thinking #5 - never underestimate the value of a courtyard! Now, if they were willing to throw in a few piglets and chicks, I might have to recommend #6!
    This is an important vote! I have a vested interest! I might be sleeping in that courtyard in June!

  8. # 5 hands down. Forget this camping outside idea. Too many variables that slither or buzz. It will be easier to keep an eye on everyone if they are more contained and they can play outside. Love you!

  9. We voted for the barn. It would be a great project for the kids and you would have shelter and safety. Plus, if you get a pig and chickens you won't notice the smell and you would have breakfast everyday.
    Jon and Jill

  10. I vote for #5. Beside protection from rains, it looks quite spacious. Plus, the air would be a little "fresher" than the barn!! Also, maybe fewer creepy crawlers than being in the open fields...and I mean real creepy crawlers, not the plastic ones we made when we were kids :)
    Love you, miss you and am praying for you!

  11. Due to the fact that I will be staying there in a few weeks, my favorites are #5 and #6 (#4 sounds also nice when all bottles will be removed before breakfast haha). A roof over the head will surely be an advantage. So #5 looks really good.
    #6 will give us some work - why not? Certainly the kids will get used to the smell
    I am praying for you to find the right place. God will provide as he promised.
    Blessings from Germany,

  12. I'm voting for #5. It would seem that the roof and shelter would be helpful even if you were camping in the courtyard. We are praying that this is all just a fun game that won't be necessary.

  13. #5. Hakuna Matata!

    Praying for your safety,

  14. Gary is voting for # 5 because there is a large covered area to keep everyone out of rain and mud. It seems safe

  15. The Schuberts vote for the Hall!! You can camp in or out. We love our chickens, but would not choose to sleep with them.

  16. I would have to vote for #5 as well...

  17. I say #6 being the tough farm girl yankee type.

  18. Praise God we did't have to evacuate!