Saturday, June 11, 2011

BABIES X 9 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I guess you might say we are grandparents!  NINE BABIES!!!  Congratulations Lydia!!!  Now, let us tell you that her puppies (the older ones) are only 8 months old!  Now she has 9 new ones to take care of.  Birthday Friday June 10.  Where?  Born on the river bank in a nice dug out nest in the sand.  Well, we left them for a while but by late afternoon we decided that they should be moved to a safer and warmer spot.  At night, the bank of the river would be cold and during the day they might be eaten by a crocodile or a big lizard.  So, after a recue of the first born (we found her in a totally different spot than the rest of the litter) and a recue of the last born (this one rolled down the bank a ways and was still in the sack) we recued the entire litter by moving them to the big dog house.  All nine seem to be doing well.  Lydia is a trooper as she has had 3 litters in the last 15 months!  If we have anything to say about it, we say this will be the last.  Puppies however, are not hard to get rid of.  We have already had requests for 5 of the nine so I am sure the other 4 will go fast.  Let’s see if we fall in love with one to keep for our very own Smile 

P1160217 P1160216 P1160228

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  1. OHHHHH NOOOOO You do know Jimmy is going to want to take one home with him!