Saturday, August 6, 2011

Schuylkill Haven Team brings blessings to us and the ministry here!

The team from Schuylkill Haven was here about 2 weeks but they made a life long impact!  It was obvious when they stepped foot here that they were here to serve.  And service was what they did!  They were here to serve in the ministry at Zion, at Mafuta, for us and most importantly, for the Lord! 


They finished the soak away digging behind the Epiphany house and also finished the outside painting of the Epiphany house. 

                DSC_0239              P1000234

They served at Mafuta feeding center, did medical exams for children and staff, provided hygiene kits and some other needed supplies for the pre-school and played with the little ones. 

P1000426    DSC_0444  P1000468


Jo-Ann blessed Travis and I by sewing us curtains for our home.  It turned the fish bowl house into a warm home and we think of her and the team every time we enter! 

P1170708P1180123      P1180122

They also took the donated paint that was given to us by a church family from South Africa and gave some of the children’s rooms a much needed face lift.  Amazingly they painted around all of the scripture verses with a Q-tip because we didn’t have small brushes!

They had a big birthday party for all the kids at zion and provided blankets and small teddy bears as gifts.  After the party we all enjoys sports, games and crafts. 

P1000914  DSC_0469  DSC_0526

For all you have done and all the love and service you have given, WE THANK YOU!!! 

You are welcome back and we look forward to seeing you!!  Many, Many Blessings!

Travis and Lorna and our 59 children!!!

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