Thursday, January 3, 2013

OH, What a day!

The morning was beautiful.  A bit cool, but still humid from the night rains, and cloudy.  Well, we were happy because we did not have a car in the village that was functioning so we had to walk out to town.  I had to get meds for one of the small children so I knew I might have a very long day at the hospital.  Travis would do some other errands while I waited in the infamous queue at the hospital.  So, we walked… It was not as hot as when we walked back yesterday so that was a blessing.  We were blessed to get a lift from our neighbor when we were about half way. 

I get to the hospital and go to the desk to greet my friend there.  She is always very nice and usually puts me in front of the others.  Now, I do not like to do this because it really makes the others mad!  And, I personally do not blame them.  They might sit there for 6 hours and I should do the same.  BUT, when she offered to take the hospital record and refill the meds, I said, “OK, Thank you very much!”  So, it really did not take any time at all. 

Now, to top it off, I wore different shoes because I keep getting all the ones that I have wet and muddy.  Well, I should have stuck with the ones I had been wearing because now I had blisters on both feet and could hardly walk!  I kept singing songs in my head to keep my thoughts positive and in all things, give thanks! 

We had been looking for sports shorts for the children and had only seen a few at one store.  The guy there said he would call us when more came in, probably Monday.  since I was there and Travis was doing other things, I decided just to check.  When I went in there were more. So I picked up several pairs.  Then the man saw me and said he was “just going to call us”  The shipment just came this morning.  So I said thank you very much!  Then he said, “do you take donations?”  I said “yes we really appreciate donations”.  So, he said he had some things to sort out and then he would call us!  Another connection and another blessing!!!

Travis said the car was fixed so we could take it back!!  YAHOOO!!  This was big, good news because we had a BIG meat order to pick up for the village.  Now this is meat to last over a month for ALL of the children so it is HEAVY.  We were thankful to have a car!  OH, wait.  The car is really not working properly so back to the shop it went!  So, in order to get the meat back, we could not walk (foot) but we needed the boat.  So we called our staff member to get us in the boat.

We loaded the boat.   Now, there were 10 boxes of meat.  I am pretty strong but I could not pick them up so Travis and our staff member had to load them.  Plus, the meat had been thawing at the shop and the boxes were all bloody and dripping and falling apart. 

We start slowing up the river.  Now we are just praying that the boat makes it.  It is going very slow and the motor does not sound very strong.  Now, the RAINS start pouring and blowing!!!  WOW!!!  We are getting soaked!!!  About a half hour later, we are dripping wet, back at the village and still have to unload the boat! 

BUT, we are thankful!!!  We made it back and the motor in the boat did not stop.  After our return the lightening started but not while we were on the river in our metal boat.  The meat is unpacked, we are dry and safe.  God is SO GOOD!!!  Unfortunately I did not have the camera but you would have laughed your head off if you would have seen us soaking wet in the boat with all of the bloody meat boxes.  But, when we got back, I would not let Travis in the house until I got his picture.  You really cannot see how wet his clothes are but 4 hours later, they are still dripping!!!   LOVE from us!! Please pray for our road and our cars and us!!!  THANK YOU!!!!

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