Saturday, January 5, 2013

Celebration in the Nearby Village

Well, I am going to try to write accurately but we really do not understand everything so we apologize up front if there is inaccurate information or information that we have missed.

We were invited to the nearby village to come to a “coming out” of 4 girls.  We were asked to come at 8am and bring our camera.  So, we waited a bit because the rain was coming down and we were not sure.  Then we got a call asking if we were coming?  Well, we headed out immediately. The dog goes everywhere with us, we we took the lease “just in case” she would think about getting in the way or in trouble.  The rains were coming down and we were walking a narrow path with overgrown wet grass, so we were wet before we even arrived.  When we arrived they took Travis to be with the men and I was invited into the house with the girl/women.  I was ask to begin taking pictures and videos.  So the camera came out and never went away until after 224 pictures and probably about 25 videos. 

So, as we understand it, once the girls become “of age” they are kept in the house so that no men can see them.  They are taught all of the rules.  They are taught how to act and behave for their husband – to be submissive and to never talk back.  They do the same for the elders.  When they do talk back, they are beaten.  This goes on (beatings, teachings, advisement, and being served – kept in the house) for months – 3-4 months!!  Can you imagine?!   So, today, the girls come out!!!  They are led by the godmother and a care giver (under the blanket with the squares).  They continue to be covered until they arrive at the celebration.

              P1020086    P1020104

Once they arrive, they are uncovered and the dancing begins.

  P1020109    P1020152 (2)   P1020125

The one in the middle is a leader and the small girl on the right is the sister of baby Lorna.  She was a server for the girls during their stay in the house.  She brought them meals…  Money is placed in a bowl for the girls. Some of them had the money on their heads as you can see in the second picture below.   The men pictured on the right are important.  From left to right are Joseph, father of baby Lorna and our good friend and a leader at the local church we attended, then Travis, them another Joseph then the old man of the village and our friend, Mr, (Bo) Mombela and Victor.  Important!!!! 

P1020137   P1020138   P1020127

The rains poured down and everyone was very wet.  The girls had on white tops but the brown clay they painted on them selves turned their white shirts into what looked like blood stains.  Yes, their is our faithful and loyal dog!! 

P1020159   P1020160   P1020161  P1020162

Here are the sisters of Baby Lorna and her father.  Her mother had to work today:(

          P1020176   P1020179    P1020213    P1020181 (2)

These were just a few sweet pictures. Wish you could see the videos!!! When you see us dancing you would laugh your heads off!! 

     P1020249           P1020191         P1020185    

The celebration is almost finished now.  Time to serve and be a women.   God Bless you as you go!!!!

P1020286   P1020288   P1020301

Love and Adventures and Blessings from us serving in Namibia Africa!!! 

Because of HIM, Travis and Lorna

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