Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Celebration of Christmas at Zion

Since most of the children are visiting their families/extended families during Christmas Day, we do not celebrate with them until the are all back in the village.  We do celebrate Christmas on Christmas Day with the ones that are here and then again when they all return.  This year the celebration with all was on Jan. 13th 2013.  It was a Sunday so Sunday church included a wonderful message of the Birth of our Lord and Savior.  Many songs of praise were sung along with the Christmas message.  Lunch was prepared and all enjoyed the typical African braii of chicken, veggies, gravy/soup with potatoes and pap.  After lunch the children were sent to their rooms to STAY until they heard the bell that called them to the big room. 

     P1020383     P1020385  P1010865 

The gifts were unloaded and arranged carefully under the tree.  The children were restless and excited but were not seen.  After everything was set up and Santa and Mrs. Claus were dressed in style, the bell was rung and the children came quickly!!  Eyes were big as they tried to see what they might get as a gift. 

One by one the children were called by Santa.  They graciously received their gift and went to see what goodies were in their bag.  All were excited to get a nice gift from people that care.  All were excited to model their new track suit and wanted a picture to document the day.

P1020462    P1020527    P1020533

P1020546    P1020549    P1020548

P1020554    P1020551    P1020553

As for us, we are thankful to God for all who have partnered in His ministry at Children of Zion Village. 

We are here to serve and you are there to partner with us and God in His ministry.  Thank you from the bottoms of our heart!  May God continue to Bless you as you Bless those in Namibia.  To see more photos, visit our website at in the photo gallery tab.     

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