Sunday, May 12, 2013

Church in the nearby Village

On May 5, 2013 we attended the small New Apostolic church in a village not too far from here.  We started from our house of foot at 6:45am.  We walked to the village just next to ours to meet with one of the church leaders (and friends) and head out with him and his family (this is the family that has baby Lorna).  We walked for a ways and then there was water.  There was already a queue forming for the next dug out canoe taxi. 
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It is often enjoyable and peaceful on the water with all the lily pads and flowers but today was more difficult.  The bottom of the canoe was wet so we tried to hold ourselves up off the bottom on our arms.  Unfortunately for us old people bending the knees too far does not work so it was rather uncomfortable but we did not fall out! 
When we arrived to the other side we still had a distance to walk to the small traditional church.  Since we came with one of the leaders, we had no trouble finding a seat since we were one of the fist to arrive.  However, the church never did fill up. 
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The service was led by primarily one person but then there are 2 that follow him with words of encouragement and personal reflection or interpretation of the message.  They talked in solozi but there was an interpreter so we also heard in English.  They serve communion at each service.  They use the element of a wafer to represent the body of Christ but do not have anything to represent the blood even though they do talk about it. 
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They also have a choir and the music is always so enjoyable and beautiful!  After the service the choir was practicing for an event next week where many of the local churches will perform with an hour of singing. 
We left and went back the same way we came – land, water, land.  When we arrive back at our friends house, they invited us to sit under the tree.  They shared some “samp” with us.  It is dry corn that they take off the ear, pound it to get the shell off, and then cook it in water over the fire for hours.  They added some sugar and it was very nice.  Africans love food and are always willing to share what they have even if it is little.  There is a lot to learn from that simple lesson. 
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May you always be joyful in your union with the Lord.  I say it again: Rejoice!!   Philippians 4:4

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