Sunday, December 29, 2013

Baby Purity – Christmas Blessing

Three years ago, our first Christmas in Africa, we got a call on Dec 23 to come and receive a baby girl, Liseli on Dec 24th.  We said, wow!!!!  What a great Christmas gift for our first year in Africa.  Then last year the day before Valentine’s day we got a gift of twin boys – double the love.  This year on Dec 15 we picked up baby Purity, just 5 weeks old. 

P1090973     P1100094     P1100104

She is a beautiful blessings from God and a wonderful addition to our Zion family.  Of course all the small ones are jealous and craving even more attention.  Purity, well she is just wondering what all the flashing of cameras is that is going on.  “Please people, can you turn down the flash!” 

                       P1100172                            P1100176      

We pray God brightens your Christmas with smiles of His great Love!!!  Merry Christmas from our family to yours!! 

                     P1100139                                  P1100125

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