Thursday, December 26, 2013

Field Day Zion Mission School

On November 27 we had a great field day event at Zion Mission School.  The event was organized by one of our 6 month volunteers, Rebecca Westbrooks.  The children were organized in teams with a teacher and organized by color of tie dyed shirt that Rebecca also made.  So, it was a competition between the teams.  It started all together with the big parachute. 

Then the teams divided out an were warmed up and ready for the relays. There were many: wheel barrow races, tug of war, carry the egg race, roll the tire race, tied leg/three legged race, bobbing for apples and the water balloon toss. 






The races were followed by the awarding of medals and speeches to thank Rebecca for all of her hard work and organization of the event.  Even her family was here to see her in action with the children.  The children also sang songs of praise and worship while they styled their shades and beads.


The small ones watched from high and low and joined in on the dancing for sure.


After lunch they enjoyed the bouncy castles, including a water slide, and face painting. 



We thank you and love you Rebecca.  We thank God for your service at Zion and we hope we see you back here again!!!  May God continue to Bless you in your journey with Him!!!


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