Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Christmas with the children January 12, 2014

The children are back from visiting with their family/relatives.  They always come back with so much excitement to share stories with their Zion family/friends.  They also come with an expectation of Christmas.  This all means something very special for us.  It means we get to share the Christmas story again.  It means we get to get in our Christmas costumes of Mr. and Mrs. Claus and pass out gifts that come from people in the states that have been given the gift of giving.  It means the sharing of the forever and constant love of God. 

We start our day with a worship service to the Lord.  The ladies are also working on cooking a nice meal of chicken on the braii, potatoes in gravy/soup, cabbage and pap.  This time the pap was thick enough that it took one to hold the other that was stirring so she did not slide across the floor and also 2 to hold the pot.  The rotations began so one would not become too tired to continue.  We enjoyed the meal outside under with a warm day and sunny skies.

             P1100512      P1100530

The girls were styling their Christmas wear and ready for a fun day!  The boys could not stand still for a picture.

              P1100529                     P1100710

After lunch the children are ordered to their rooms while the elves set up and the evidence is hidden. 

       P1100535             P1100537

Then the bell rings and they rush out of their rooms to see what they can see.  Then they try to guess from which way will Santa be coming in????  Will it be from Auntie Jenny’s office, will it be from the kitchen, will it be from the main door???  Once Santa hears Christmas singing, he rings his bells and this year, they came from the river side.  No one was even looking in that direction since that entrance has not been made from that side before.  Names were called and everyone from small to big came to receive their gift – after saying “thank you”.   

P1100552      P1100577    P1100632

    P1100689         P1100730          P1100733

Smiles and laughter abound.  We thank God for His love and for His Son who lived and died for us.  We thank God for you who pray for us, the children, the staff and support God’s ministry in Africa. 

      P1100713   Merry Christmas and God Bless!!!!     P1100722

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