Thursday, January 9, 2014

“Delivering” Christmas to the Villages

It is a privilege to be able to share the love of God and the reason for the season of Christmas and the reason why Jesus was sent to this world – to love and to save – with 7 surrounding villages.   This includes telling the Christmas story and delivering food and small toys/stuffed animals for the children and this year we were so brave we sang a few Christmas carols. 

         P1100227          P1100230

In one village we saw how the rain destroyed the house and they relocated.  Also we saw how they have to put a bucket down a deep pipe/well to get water to water the entire garden!  That is some hard work yet they are not hateful but they are very loving people. 

          P1100231             P1100232

Smiles after receiving small stuffed animal gifts.  God always blesses us with just the right thing and the right amount when it comes to handing out gifts for so many children and families.  NEVER Doubt God’s promise to provide!!!

P1100241       P1100242       P1100243

We did drive deep into the bush and through water.  Last year the car broke down.  The year before last we get stuck.  This year we were blessed with safe travels and no problems.  Even the looked like it might dump lots of rain, but we even stayed dry!  GOD IS GOOD – ALL THE TIME!!!

             P1100246                 P1100247 

P1100253    P1100254     P1100262

Hugs and love.  Waves goodbye until next time!!!

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Merry Christmas and may God Bless you one and ALL!!!! AMEN!

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