Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Boat Ride on the Zambezi

Sometimes we HAVE to take the boat because of flooding and sometimes we just need to drive the boat to keep it running.  So, that was our excuse to take the children out for a Sunday afternoon boat ride. 

First the driver needs to make sure the boat will start.  Then the riders need to put on a life jacket.  Then they all load the boat. 


And off we go!  We are always searching for something interesting… crocodiles, monkeys, birds mostly hippos.  Those hippos were just peaking at us wondering what these weird people were doing. 


The driver always has willing little ones to assist! 


  The ones that were in the second group were waiting on the bank.  Some were cheering in their friends that were on the first boat. 


After all are back from their ride, we put the boat to “bed” and thank God for the beauty of the earth and for His love and mercies daily, for safety and for His many blessings and for this place, Children of Zion Village!


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