Sunday, June 15, 2014

Through the water for soccer

The children are very good athletes.  No matter what the sport, they can perform well.  For most of them, soccer, is the sport of preference.  One weekend when the out scholars were here, the big boys scheduled themselves for a friendly match in the nearby village.  That was all fine and well, and most of us decided to go and enjoy and cheer them.  Well, all was fine until we got to a LOT of water.  It was not so bad at first but then it became rather deep.  Luckily we did not take the smallest ones but it was even a bit difficult for those of us that are old and short! 

P1130078    P1130070    P1130074

We enjoyed the soccer but did get a bit cold after being so wet.  Even the cows came.  The boys appreciated that we would travel by foot through so much water to see them play, so it was worth it! 

P1130100     P1130109     P1130159

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