Sunday, October 26, 2014

Camp at Zion

For the last two years, we are ask by the SDA church if we can host their youth camp. We have continued to say yes because it helps the community by having a free place to bring their youth, it is God’s beautiful property to be shared and we have also been blessed by their praise songs and worship.  So, between 500-900 youth and counselors come.  Girls on one side, boys on the other and the camp meetings and meals in the middle.  Our staff and children have also enjoyed the blessing.  The only challenge is the last night when they kept the loud speaker on all night and were very noisy.  It is a little like our Scouts in the States. 

The cars streamed in loaded with children and stuff for camping.  The camp was set up.  The marching drills started early in the morning before breakfast. 

P1120536   P1120587    P1120767

     The ladies were cooking constantly.  And by day three, there was laundry hanging everywhere!

P1120551  P1120552   P1120577    

Preaching morning, afternoon and evening.  People were everywhere and walked to the camp for the message. 

   P1120553    P1120777    P1120782

The children performed well and had a great time.

 P1120729   P1120787   P1120741

God blessed all that attended and some gave their life to Jesus for the first time.  Thank God for His blessings!

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