Sunday, October 26, 2014

Zion Sports

We are always proud of our children as they skillfully play sports.  They love to play almost any sport, although most have a favorite, and are also very athletic.  They play soccer and basketball and run quite frequently.  They are newer at net ball and volley ball and very new at rugby.

P1110203        P1110203       P1130100

P1110188       P1110186    P1110187


P1130454     P1130449    P1130474

                    P1130477    P1130478

Life is like a sport.  Always do your best.  Be kind to others.  Do not get angry.  Push on even when you are tired.  Be honest and do not cheat.  Encourage others and if one falls, help him to get up.  Have fun.  There will be challenges and God will not always take you out of the challenge but He will get you through the challenge if you only trust and obey. 

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