Wednesday, November 5, 2014

New Baby Boys at Zion

Our ministry partners, Lena and Johannes left for Windhoek where their first baby, a boy,Elias, was born August 12 with 50 cm and 3480g.

Then, a boy was born in Katima Mulilo on August 15, General Sebastian, 49cm and 3300g.  Five days after General was born, he was placed at Children of Zion Village. 

                         Baby General              IMG_0620


We are sure these two will be great buddies growing up. 


Thank you God for giving us your precious children to care for.  We pray we will raise them as God would have us – teaching them the love of Jesus every day so that they will grow to be good Christians and the love of God will shine through their eyes.  Amen. 

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