Sunday, October 24, 2010

Church Adventure

It is really HOT here! It feels like we are in Africa!! Oh, we ARE in Africa!!! Well, it’s ok then! It is 100+ during the day and even in the evening it is 90 in the house. Thank goodness for electricity (most of the time) and fans!

On Saturday we were invited guests at a nearby Seventh Day Adventist Church. We ventured out on foot. Then we came to a small body of water that was too large to walk through so we had an escort transport us in the mukolo (boat).

We wore the traditional dress and entered into a beautiful service.
We were in a basic brick building with benches and plastic chairs. There was beautiful singing and no accompaniment. They actually had the visitors stand and they sang a welcome song and several people came to greet us. It was a touching celebration with translation in both English and the local tribal Lozi language. After singing and announcements, we were dismissed to go out under a tree (don’t forget your chair) for a type of Sunday School. We were in the English group which was the smallest (about 9 of us). I would guess there were about 130+ adults and children in attendance. After the lesson, we returned to the service. One of the tribal elders (who is on our staff) gave the message. We ended this part of the service with prayer and singing. We moved back outside where they served us chicken, rice with catsup and mashed potatoes made with sour milk. It was a HUGE plate of food! After the lunch they proceeded with more worship and dancing but we did not stay. The celebration was to end about 4:00pm (it started about 7am).
Since the girls were frightful of the mukolo ride in the water, they opted to have us walk around the water to get home. Then, there were screams when the herd of cattle came!
We were walking in the hot, dry and dusty bush with cattle to dodge. I really felt like I was in Africa.

Saturday night was movie night at the Children’s Home. It is also traditionally a treat night so they enjoyed chocolate bars from Dave. Dave has volunteered his time here as interim director for 6 months. He has done a great job keeping the facility going. He will be returning to the states this Friday so I hope and pray that we are ready and able to “carry on.”

 Travis delivered the message on Sunday morning. He spoke on faith and giving our best to God. The scripture reading was Hebrews 11:1-6.

In everything that you do, (singing, sweeping the floors, school work, serving, sports, child care) do it to the glory of God.

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