Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We Have Landed in Africa!

We signed a contract on our house Monday and it will close on October 27th! BIG PRAISE

We left for Africa on Tuesday and arrived today in Johannesburg. We are staying a few days at a cute place to debrief, rest and refresh our hearts and souls after a very busy several months.

Here is proof that we have arrived:

We have spent some time with Lisa and Janice who have just been at the Children's home for 2 weeks so they have the lastest information for us. They are here with us and will head back to the states tomorrow.

We have been so blessed being on the road and staying with so many different people and meeting new friends and building relationships but we are looking forward to unpacking and moving in. We are almost home!!!


  1. What a huge blessing about your house and what a huge blessing is about to fall on COZV!!! :-D

  2. Hooray! Thinking of you all and keeping you in our prayers!

  3. Wow! Awesome news about your house! God's timing is always perfect! Thank You, Jesus, for carrying Travis and Lorna safely to Africa! Pour out Your Spirit on them as they minister to the Children of Zion. Bless them immeasurably! In the Precious Name of Jesus, I pray.

    I am going to miss my buddy, but I rejoice with you as your serve the Lord!

    Love you both!!
    Michele and Don

  4. Good to hear that you and Travis have arrived safely! Great news about your house as well! Looking forward to hearing about the new chapter unfolding in your lives! Take care,